Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (18th August) Week 33 with Anna Friesen

Life Documented - Week 33

Theme: Collage
Prompt: Gather your favourite outdoor shots of the summer, and create a mixed-media page.
Technique: Print out mini photos, and decorate with stamps and stencils, using ink, paint, paint pens, watercolour pencils and masking tape.
Quote: Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be. - author unknown
Choose a patterned paper for the background. This semi-marbled look design is the result of a second go from marbling with shaving cream. See THIS YouTube video if you want to learn how to learn this marbling technique. It's very easy and only takes shaving cream and arcylic paint. 

I sewed the paper to a watercolour sheet, folded partially in, like I do with many of the pages in my unPlanner.

I wasn't sure which photos I wanted to use - couldn't choose at first - I take too many photos haha!, so I printed out a collage of photos using an online collage maker called PiZap. It's very easy to use, with many editing options. For a small price, you can output high quality images, but I decided to stick with the free version. You can choose from many different layouts, you can round the corners of the photos, replace one photo with another, and more. When it's ready, simple click on Save, and it'll download to your computer and print it out. If you try it, but you're having difficulty, feel free to ask me for help. 

I printed out the main saying on cardstock, in two different sizes, not knowing for sure which size would be best.

Choose a few photos, and cut them out messily.

Looked through my stash of old books for some good descriptions and images of the outdoors.

Now to lighten up the background with some white gesso.

Take simple masking tape and tear some pieces, adhering to random areas of the page, creating some texture.

Go in with some some colour on the tape. I used a green Inktense pencil, colouring it, then wetting it. Dry.

Adhere the pieces you like to the page with matte medium.
I like to create groupings, instead of placing the elements all over the page.

Arrange the photos the way you want them and adhere them to the page too. I chose to place them according to what is happening in the background. 

Next, I took green paint and painted the masking tape areas, overlapping some of the photos as well, then went in with a stencil and a darker shade of green.

Add some more interest with a black Stabilo All pencil.

My favourite paint pen in purple to highlight the circles a bit.

Took some cute letter stamps and stamped more of the quote, adding to the main theme of the page: Step Outside. :)

I also quickly penned outlined the photos messily with a black pen.

And that's done! Thank you for looking. Feel free to ask me any questions. 

Extra: A little shot of my weekly view for next week. :)


  1. Beautiful marbled papers! I shall have to check out the photo app.


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