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Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (1st September) Week 35 with Suz Og

Week 33 with Suz Theme: Mood Boards and Bullet Journals 
Prompt: Make a mood board
Technique: Collect colors and photos and magazine images you are drawn to and take a photo of them to add to your journal.
Quote: I am a believer that color affects people's moods.  Lilly Pulitzer

Hello everyone!  So glad you are here with us.  Today I am going to show you how I keep Mood Boards and just things I am using at any given time.
I have put some cork inside an old frame I found at an Estate sale.  My husband cut me a board that fit the frame so I could glue the cork to it.  I could see using several smaller frames on a wall too so you could have a number of different boards.  Of course you could just pin things on a board too.

I pin things I like, things I am looking for to use as transfers. I pin colors I like at the time.  I take a picture of the board and print it out and put it in my journal.  This way I can change it up as I go and have a snapshot of colors I was drawn to for the month o…

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (25th August ) Week 34 with Jenni of ArtGirlCreations

Week 33 by Jenni of ArtGirlCreations

Theme: Collage Prompt: Use something old, such as a photo Technique: Layering, paint and sprays Quote: She's an old soul with a kind spirit that can’t be tamed. Let her be free, let her run, let her live.

I’ve always loved old things. Books, paper, items that a normal person would probably discard. Things that people might call trash (gasp!). Wrinkled and stained makes it all the better. I always see something special in these items. A book that belonged to someone. A photo of a strangers loved one. These things were once someone’s possessions and being empathetic I can almost feel them on the item. 

Art journaling gives me a way (and a reason) to keep these little bits of a person's past and give them homage. Give them a new home. I recently bought a stack of old photos on EBay and I can just pour over the stack of complete strangers for, well, maybe not hours, but a good long time. Needless to say I love adding these nameless faces to my pag…

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (18th August) Week 33 with Anna Friesen

Life Documented - Week 33
Theme: Collage Prompt: Gather your favourite outdoor shots of the summer, and create a mixed-media page. Technique: Print out mini photos, and decorate with stamps and stencils, using ink, paint, paint pens, watercolour pencils and masking tape. Quote: Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be. - author unknown Choose a patterned paper for the background. This semi-marbled look design is the result of a second go from marbling with shaving cream. See THIS YouTube video if you want to learn how to learn this marbling technique. It's very easy and only takes shaving cream and arcylic paint. 

I sewed the paper to a watercolour sheet, folded partially in, like I do with many of the pages in my unPlanner.

I wasn't sure which photos I wanted to use - couldn't choose at first - I take too many photos haha!, so I printed out a collage of photos using an online collage maker called PiZap. It…