Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (7th July) Week 27 with Hilda Scheenstra JULY Divider

Theme: Travel
Prompt: Make a (watercolor) sketch of one or more buildings you like
Technique: Urban sketching
Quote: I want to make memories all over the world

Hi all,
Nice to be back again! Hope to give you some inspiration to document your life or for your planner this week. In an another course (JOT from Marieke Blokland, BloknoteAcadamy) I was introduced to Urban sketching which I really liked. As this months theme is Travel I thought it would be nice to introduce you too. As I am not a teacher it will be nothing more as an short introduction. I think it is perfect: just simple so you can enjoy your summer, sitting outdoors, having drinks with friends, travel and really documenting your life!

I choose a photo of my holidays last year, a photo of the city Jesi, Italy. Maybe you are traveling right now and make a live sketch of a building you like. And if you are not traveling at all you could maybe draw your own house or a nice building in your own city.

As you might know I love to work small, on Index cards, so also this time I will be working small. But you can use any size and quality of course. You don't need much: a piece of paper, a pencil, a waterproof black pen, an eraser and some watercolors (and a brush of course).

 I prefer to make a sketch with my pencil first, but if you like, you could start with your black pen directly.

After that draw you drawing with the black pen and erase the pencil lines.
 And now take your watercolors and have fun!

 As a finishing touch I added a border with some scribble, but hey, that's me :-)

Hope you liked this simple "lesson". Wishing you an awesome summer with a lot of travelling and making new memories!

Looking forward to see your sketches!

Instagram: @flowernl


  1. I love this Hilda! Your sketch is lovely! I might sketch an artsy, cutesy and little whimsical greenhouse close to my house. It's closed this summer, which saddened me, as it's a little treasure! I'll have my 16yr old sun help me with perspective, as he's got a natural gift for "seeing" things like that. :)


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