Welcome to Life Documented Week 23 with Suz

Theme : Zentangles

Prompt : Zen in the Chaos

Technique : Splash paint, ink, watercolor or  colored pencil and draw in the spaces.

Quote : Painting calmed the chaos that shook my soul. Nikki de St. Phalle

I named this Zen in the Chaos because you all know I like messy.  I am not one who likes to spend a ton of time on anything.  I know most of us just don't have the time.  

I started with watercolor paper that I had done something to on the other side.  I also used an index card since I am doing ICAD and just a scrap page.  You can use any base but if you use a lot of water use gesso or watercolor paper.  Also paint anything you like.  You don't have to do a floral.  You all know that's just my jam.  

These were the supplies I used.  For you in the US, a lady that runs the Hobby Lobby's here said they were replacing all their FW inks with Amsterdam ink.  I love Amsterdam myself.  They have my favorite Reflex Rose.

I wet my paper first and used inks.  You can use anything you like even watered down acrylics but they won't flow into one another like an ink.  

I just used the dropper from the bottle to draw with.

When my paper got a little dry, I carefully added a little more water with a brush.

I tried not to let my purple and yellow mingle too much.  In fact I let some areas dry then went back into them.  Below I added high flow titanium white while it was still wet.  I got one of those small needle nose applicator bottles to apply it but you can also thin down craft paint or any other paint and use a small brush. I just drew squiggles into the ink.

The last thing I did was add the darkest colors for some contrast. 

You have to let the paint dry completely.  This is important so you don't make a mess of your pens.  Go to Pinterest or google zentangle. Just to get some ideas or fill your spaces with my favorite, just lines.  Cover as much or as little of your paint as you like.  I used Platinum carbon pen and black waterproof ink cartridges.  Amazon has a desk pen that is the same brand for seven dollars US.  I used uniball signo white gel pen which is not waterproof.  You might also try colored pens!  

I cut the big card in half and made tip ins for this weeks spread.  I used one of the cut away pieces for my 100 day project.  I tore up the scrap piece, which I just painted blobs of color on and covered the front of an insert and used the smaller scraps left to cover an index card for daisyyelllowart.com's ICAD.  

There are so many ways to utilize this quick way to make beautiful papers.  Paint a bunch and stick them in the car for when you are stuck waiting somewhere.  Hope you liked this and can't wait to see what you do!


  1. Very, very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing result!!! I really want to try it!...πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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