Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (26th May) Week 21 with Claire Leggett

Theme:  Mandalas
Prompt:  Incorporate a dreamy portrait in with your mandala heaven.
Technique:  To use pastels, pens and scraps of paper to develop your page.
Quote:  Trust the mess.  Let your imagination flow.  Jane Davenport

Hi all!

So I am in my creative groove - finally!  Whilst it is here, I am going to revel in it and try and to develop my skills of drawing a face - ekkk!  I had this book bought for me by my dearest mum as she knows how much I avoid drawing people, faces.  I absolutely adore this book and have felt able to give it a go.  I have since found that she has a new book called 'Fabulous Figures', it is to die for!  I so want it but it's out of stock over here so I will have to wait!  Beautiful faces - Jane Davenport UK or Jane Davenport website

Step 1:

Fist things first, I found were a variety of papers, stickers, serviettes etcetera, basically anything colourful and patterned.  I had quite a lot of fun looking through my many boxes of paper and scraps - go for it and find your random stash.

Step 2:

This was the scary bit, ripping my papers into small and random sized pieces and literally just sticking them on.  Below, you can see different stages of my random sticking develop.

I really started to enjoy what started to develop on my journal page and had hope for it turning out OK.

Step: 3

This is my completed 'sticking random pieces of paper' onto a page.  I really quite like it, almost sad that I have to do the next process!

Step: 4

Next I took the leap of faith and started to draw my dreamy girl onto my background like so.  As I have left 1/3 of my page blank I decided to keep my face smallish.  I used a black pastel to draw my outline.

Step 5:

So I grabbed a tub of white gesso and decided to rub it around the outline to dull the background a little.  Personally, I felt it was too definite to harsh so I grabbed a baby wipe and rubbed it to allow a little bit more of the background to show through.

Step 6:

I decided to grab some vibrant acrylic paint - warm red - and rub it onto the papers to add a little pazaz!

Step: 7

I decided to add pink tissue paper to make the pink/red 'ping' out of the hair.  I quite like it - I did experiment with a variety of paler colours but it just didn't look right!  I googled 'mandala' images and doodled around the face and added the quote, quite simply with a black Stabilo pen (0.55mm)  To finish off and add the final extra little details I penned little dashes around the entire outside of the page and sectioned off the days for the next week.  I will no doubt at a tip-in to allow for pictures and more detail as my half term week unfolds!

I hope you like it guys - I've tried to keep it nice and simple to allow for your creativity to flow and create beauty from the 'mess'.

Love and hugs as always

Claire x


  1. Amazing 1/2 term , here in Texas June 29 marks summer break. Well at least for elementary school kids(I pass the school and they have it posted or I would not know). It is predicted to be 98 tom100 degrees F for the next 7 days. Love how you created this spread. Many great ideas and having just emerged from a funk I want to try faces since prompted in a class with a Dutch teacher, Maericke Boklund.


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