Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (14th April) Week 15 with Julie Leggett

Theme: Rejuvenation – butterflies
Prompt: To create a butterfly to represent yourself, using paint and fold technique.
Optional: Create a corner pocket using same technique.  To make a snippet card/s
Technique: to use paint to create a butterfly image and to use snippets from your stash in the process.
QUOTE: “A woman is full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform” Diane Mariechild.
QUOTE: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2

 Equipment used:
1.   Paper and card stock
2.   Paints, colour of your choice/ Acrylic or watercolour. (I used yellow, blue, turquoise, white and gold acrylics).
3.   Glue gun, glue, Pritstick
4.   Posca pens or other pens of your choice
5.   Charcoal/pastel pencil for outlining
6.   Distress inks for background/or other method for producing a plain background
7.   Ribbon, material snippets, papers and lace
8.   Scissors
9.   Gesso

Hi everyone welcome to this weeks prompt, I am excited to share with you a few simple options to create this week’s journal page.  The theme continues with butterflies and rejuvenation, I want us to create a butterfly that represents ourselves so that we can think about reviewing and transforming with our inner power and creativity.

I have used a very simple technique, which most of you will remember doing as a child, by folding your chosen size of page to fit your journal and applying paint to the centre fold of your page.  The pocket is made using the same technique but using thicker card stock.  Cards are optional but fun and easy to do using snippets you have in your stash.  I added another quote to this that resonated with me.


1.  I made two butterfly images to create my butterfly and one image for my corner pocket.  Take your paper, fold in half for guidance in placing your paint.  I used acrylic paint as I wanted a bolder look, you do need to add water to allow the paint to spread.  Watercolour spreads very easily in comparison.  The aim is to get a butterfly shape so place your paint wider at the wing area.  Once the paint has spread sufficiently open out your page to see your images.  It is truly amazing the different effect you will get with very little effort.  Let your artwork dry thoroughly.

 2.  Once your images are dry cut them out and glue them into place on your journal page.  I favoured a plain background so that the butterfly images stood out.  I used distress ink to colour my page in complementary colour.  Use charcoal/pastel pencil to outline your butterfly – I have left my butterfly plain so that I can document on it throughout the week.  I added a piece of distressed ribbon to the corner of my page also.

3.  Now have fun with your cards – I recycled some old cards for this and sanded off the glossy finish prior to using gesso.  I have recently been making snippet rolls for a swap and had lots of bits on my table.  Use any bits you have ribbon, lace, card, fabric and glue them onto one of your cards – a glue gun works well for this if you have one.  I found all of this very spontaneous and fun without thinking too much about it.  I cut out images to hand to represent me, and another image on the second card to which I added the second quote which I liked – there is no reason why you couldn't choose another quote to represent regeneration and renewal for yourself.

I will be adding my journalling to the butterfly as the week progresses and also any words that to light in respect to rejuvenation and renewal.

I hope you enjoy creating your page and I look forward to seeing how your butterflies turn out.
I am away on a canal boat next week so I'm not sure when I will have WiFi , so I will do my best to get on line.  Have fun 😊


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