Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (20th January) Week 3 with Sophie de Cort

Journaling from Bruges and hugs from Sophie De Cort :

I will try to explain step by step how I journal – doodle – scribble in my journals:

Prompt:  To overcome the blank page.
Technique:  To incorporate papers, scraps, doodles and scribbles into your page.
Quote:  “Be uniquely you. Stand out. Shine. Be colorful. The world needs your prismatic soul! ― Amy Leigh Mercree

Most of the time I don’t start with a white page (it freaks me out). My pages will always carry left over paper scraps or paint from previous creations. While I work I will always clean my brushes, stencils on scrap papers or old bed sheets that are on my work surface next to me ; even paint on my fingers will find its way on scraps.

(You see the scrap papers full of paint on my right hand side and a piece of bed sheet linen next to my water bowl).  When I open up a new journaling spread I check the colors that are already down and I will look in my stash if I find something that matches these colors. 

I also dare to work with colors that don’t match at all and will try to make it work. Here in this example I try to make the yellow and green work. Since I have turquoise only on the right side I pulled it through on the left page.
At the same time I will pull in some orange and green here and there on both side to connect both pages.

At one stage or another I just cannot go further without writing or  scribbling on my work (it can be in the beginning of a new spread and then often I will paint over it and it will become invisible) or it can be at the total end and then I will leave it visible (but generally it will be un-readable) . I love handwritings, fonts, calligraffiti, …

I have an addiction for gelpens, markers, pens, pencils, China markers, paint markers, crayons, oil pens, … You name it, I have to try it out.
Gold leaf paper found its way here in the spread too at some point.

And of course, I stamp with everything in my neighbourhood, erasers (the smaller the better, I love small circles to doodle) bottle caps, rulers, …. Often I carve my own stamps (like the cross that I used here, I carved it out from an eraser). 

Once the marks are down I very often outline them with gelpens,china markers or pencils, black stabile pencil (combined with water). Almost forgot to say that I use tippex on almost all my pages; love the opacity of tippex. 

And of course I like to add fabric here and there in my small pocket journals. So I took my puncher and punched a little hole in the right upper corner and pulled a piece of old bed sheet through it (old piece of cotton fabric that I used to clean the paint from my fingers, brushes, stencils). To flatten out the fabric  (I still like my journals to lay kind of flat on my table when I work in it) I let it go a few times up and down through my sewing machine ….

Happy creating to all of you and don’t forget to show me what you are all up to. See you on Instagram and Facebook - Life Documented.

Hugs from Bruges, Belgium

Sophie De Cort


  1. Wow! This is awesome! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  2. I really like these pages and your journal. Do like the idea of the piece of old sheet and how you sewed it down.


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