Welcome to Life Documented Week 50 with Hilda Scheenstra

Yay, another week! I'm so honored to share another little tutorial for you especially in this FESTIVE month! :-). The words that came to me thinking of December were: Cozy, hot chocolate, family, warm socks etc. These words inspired me for this weeks Prompt and Technique.

Prompt: Baby, it's cold outside
Technique: Use some thread (or fabric)
Quote: Hot Chocolate, Cold Snow, Warm Sweaters, Bright Lights, December...

I'm working in a Carpe Diem planner which has a binder that can be opened. For Life Documented I usually use the back of an indexcard a made during ICAD (Index Card A Day hosted by Daisy Yellow). On the back you can see I wrote the prompt and there is also some paint but that's no problem, it just adds some extra interest and will be covered with the next layers.

So let's start! With my fingers I added some acrylic paints in three colors: blue, grey and some silver (glitters!). While the paint was still wet I made a little scribble with the back of a brush. I also added some scribbles with a pencil when the paint was dry.

Whaaah, I thought I took a photo but I didn't! 😞

After that I added some collage elements, you can just use a magazine and find some pieces you like or that suits the colors you want to use. I added some extra black with a Stabilo all pencil and a black pen.

I love to add some marks and, lucky me, I also found some little silver glitter stickers! 😃

For this week I choose to crochet an little snowflake with some glittering thread, but why not use some (hand) sewing, cross stitching or anything else you like! Added some extra tiny marks and that's it!
Here you can find the pattern:

And in my planner it looks like this:

Hope you liked my contribution. Wishing you all a cozy, warm, bright and FESTIVE December!



  1. Now that is working small Hilda, I do hope you show all your planner/journal at year end. It looks so very interesting.


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