Welcome to Life Documented Week 49 with Suz DECEMBER

It's December!  Falala!

The theme for the month is FESTIVE!

Prompt: Make an envelope or envelopes
Technique: Print on them, gelli them, collage them, paint them
Quote: It's the most wonderful time of the year

For my divider I used half a piece of cardstock with the word December written on it.  I cut around the bottom, taped it opposite my calendar.

I know everyone doesn't celebrate the same holidays I do but I like the changing of seasons.  Going from shorts into sweaters.  I love my sweaters.  I also know it's not happy for everyone but I hope you enjoy doing this tutorial and some art makes you happy.

I use all kinds of envelopes in my calendar.  I use one or two a month for photos, or receipts, or lists or ephemera to name a few things so I don't know why I didn't think of this before.  I am going to show you several ways I use them.

I use the used envelopes I get in the mail, printer paper that I print my own backgrounds on, envelopes I get on sale, and envelopes that are sent to me.  I get a lot of cute envelopes in swaps that are decorated.  They make great pockets for your journal.

There is a recent envelope tutorial from Kim Dellow who is one of the most lovely people on the internet.  She has a beautiful blog and if you go to her blog and subscribe you can get this template and tutorial from her.  Just click on the her name above and watch the tutorial.  Below her tutorial is the free template.  When you click on free template, the link will take you to her sign up page.  I know you will love all her art.  She also has digital papers and stamps and has a bunch of  YouTube videos.

I downloaded her template and used my gelli plate as she did to paint the envelope.  I used white card stock.

I did the creases first which are marked and after painting it I flipped it and glued everything down.  I added some ephemera from diy Christmas, Simple Stories, and a small clothes pin from Recollections from Michaels.

Here it is on my spread.  I glued it to the page with ephemera in it for the month.

Thank you Kim for the wonderful tutorial and template!

I used an envelop split on the left and top that was in my grandmother's things to hold an ornament I cut from card stock and colored with my Tombow Markers.  Here is a weird little factoid.  I got Christmas washi a couple years ago and hadn't noticed that it said, It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  :D That is what is under the numbers.  I printed out the numbers and cut them wonky.  I will also put these numbers in the Facebook group.  

Envelope 2:
Next I used a used envelope.  This is kind of scary looking until the end.  :D.  I scribbled some water soluble pencil and added water.  Then I used Cadmium Red Medium and some Quinacridone Crimson, both Liquitex, rolling it on with my brayer, not having a clue what I was going to do, but to just get some color down.

I added some white to blend them some and then grabbed a couple scraps sitting on my table to collage.  

I added a stencil in white and more white to blend in the edges around the collage scraps. Stencil is Geometric Stencil, Planner stencil from Howsewears on Etsy.  She is on Instagram.

I had a page like this that I had drawn ornaments on with my Tombow Brights Markers.  I cut some of them out and glued them on the envelope.

I used the markers and made some marks then scribbled with my Stabilo black pencil on the envelope.  I will use this for some of my bigger ephemera or pictures and photos. 

Envelope 3:
You can print out some of your backgrounds if you scan them or take a picture of them, onto printer paper or card stock and make your own envelope. I made this digitally from free downloads and my own work.  

This is in no way correct or refined.  I just trifolded my paper.

Cut in on one third of the way on the crease about an inch and angle the top piece, then fold in the sides the same amount. Match up your side and fold in the top side edges.

Trim all your edges or not and glue everything down or use double sided tape.  I put a tab on the back of mine to keep the flap down.  You could also cut some card stock in scallops or circles to put on your flap.

If you have an inkjet printer let your paper sit a little bit to dry the ink and I usually add some Mod Podge or glazing liquid to seal the paper. 

Envelope 4:
Next I took a plain pink envelope, added a little row of houses that is a cutout I colored with markers, added a strip of  tissue paper, added a strip of torn white paper and glued it all down.  I made some templates of houses out of copy paper for my journal spots.  I will put them in the Facebook group

The strips at the bottom of the houses was a free download from Roben-Marie Smith.  Join her group and she has a lovely set of downloads.

 Supplies used plus red and white Liquitex paint. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this inspires you.

Here are some more links for free envelope templates.

Disclaimer: We get nothing for giving links or sending you to other places.  We just like to inform you of where we get things and who we get them from as everyone should do.  If you use Kim's envelope or Tami's stencil please do not claim them as your own and send people to their site.  If at any time you see we have made a mistake of some kind please let us know.


  1. This is a spectacular post Suz , I am an envelope nut and tend to collect them. They are fun to make. Later this week will try some of the sites you mention(This is my one busy Saturday in the year.) Thanks

    1. Thank you Monica! I do too. I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner but it's especially good for the holidays. I will be using envelopes a lot. <3

  2. Wow - fabulous ideas. Have a wonderful December Suz

    1. Thank you Lynette! I hope you and your family have a lovely December and holiday! <3

  3. Oh I love these! All of them Suz! And I especially love what you did with my envelope template!! But you totally made me blush :) Thank you for the lovely shout out!

    1. Thanks so much Kim! You are a dear. I had such fun with it. Thank you for allowing me to use your post and thank you for the envelope template! <3


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