Welcome to Life Documented Week 46 with Linda-Lee Wares

Week 46 with Linda-Lee Wares

Prompt:  Changing colours
Technique:  Exploring the colour wheel
Quote:You are allowed to change ~ annonymous

Overview:  I thought for this week we could see the difference in our art when we start out one way then change direction with colour.

So I have divided my page into three I tried black and white with the first third then my favourite colours with the second third and then their opposites on the last third


  1. Any paper you wish to use
  2. Foam or rubber stamps
  3. Ink or acrylic paint
  4. Watercolour optional ( I used Dylusion inks , my favourites)
  5. Various pens
  6. Clue and or sewing machine ( this is not necessary but it would be me if I didn’t use it)
  7. And your favourite quote
First of all, take a blank piece of paper and various stamps and go to town until it is covered!

Then colour the sheet just using black and white paint.

Then divide your paper into 3 leaving the first piece black and white.

With the next piece use your favourite colours up to three ( no more unless you really want to)

The last piece use the opposite colours

When you are finished it should look something like this.

Now from here it is up to you as to how you want to proceed I cut mine up into more pieces and attached them to a second card underneath.

Then I sewed around each one because it just wouldn't be mine if there was no sewing then attached it to a bigger piece of paper and added my quote.

Don’t be afraid to change colour explore, it is surprising what you can discover.  Remember “You are ALLOWED to change."


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