Welcome to Life Documented - Week 43 ith Pat Tillery

Theme: A look through life in pictures

Technique: collage photos, drawn pictures, and include yourself

Quote: “Time it was, and what a time it was; it was a time of innocence, a time of confidences. Long ago, it must have been, I have a photograph.” -Paul Simon

I love to travel. Perhaps my love of travel began as Sunday drives when I was a child, it developed into solo adventures touring this country, Brazil, and Europe. Sometimes I used art classes as an excuse to travel. Sometimes it was music. My companion was curiosity and a capacity to remember little corners of this planet.

I love looking back at where I’ve been. In this piece I’ve stepped out of myself imagining my silhouette in the constantly changing parade of photographs of my travel life.

First gesso, then blue and green to represent the globe.

I’ve cut out photos from magazines and used matte medium to attach.

A wash of acrylic glaze and white paint to obscure the details and convey the dreamy quality of memories.

Stencils, writing, and doodling came next.

There I am looking at life through pictures.

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  1. Oh I love this!? I love to see the world and should really document past travels one day too! Thank you for this it’s beauiful x

  2. I love this piece I to remember Sunday rides with my psrents & week long trips in the summer Now I travel a month at a time with my husband in his semi Like now yesterday we were in Minnesota This morning in Nebraska We are headed to San Diego The dreamy quality is nice


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