Welcome To Life Documented With Kristi Nazzaro Week 42

Theme: A Look At Life Through Pictures (drawn or photos)
Prompt: Use a Tag Some Way
Technique: Stitching a Photo on an Altered Art Tag
Quote: Choose what works best for your photo

I am crazy for altered art tags.  I love working small and incorporate tags in my art journals on a daily basis.  I knew that adding a photo for this week’s theme would really add an element of fun to my piece.

I am taking a class online and happened to have all my Dylusions spray inks handy.  After gathering a tag, some stamps (Stampers Anonymous, Paperbag Studios, Ali Edwards Designs) and fabric scraps I was ready to begin.

I sprayed a few different colors of the Dylusions spray inks directly on to my craft mat.

I then spritzed the inks with plain water.

I placed my tag face down directly in the ink.  I was careful not to move the tag around too much.  I didn’t want to mix the inks too much and end up with mud.  I peeled the tag away from the craft mat and used a heating tool to dry most of the tag. I then let the tag air dry completely.  There's a pinch of mud but not quite a puddle.  :) 

Once the tag was dry I dipped my fingers into clean water and dripped the water on to the tag.  I used a paper towel next to soak up the drops.  This left a few random water marks on my tag.

Again – I allowed the tag to completely air dry.  Using stamps from both Stampers Anonymous and Paperbag Studios I added images using Jet Black Archival Ink.  I also added a few hand drawn marks - x's are one of my favorites as are the hot pink little hash marks.

I tore the edges around the photo I wanted to use.  I arranged torn fabric pieces under my picture.  I use this technique often and very rarely care if the fabric is lined up properly.  I don’t ever measure and always eye ball placement in my art pieces.  Embrace the wonkiness.  Using my sewing machine I stitched around my photo using different stitches. 

I never worry about stitching in a straight line.  I love the freedom of feeding my piece through the machine and just let the machine do the work.  Embrace the wonky and free stitch without worrying about straight lines.  Once I was finished stitching I added an Ali Edwards Design Stamp that reads Super Good Times.  Ali has beautiful handwriting.  I stamped on the fabric as well as my picture and part of the tag.  Again I used Archival Ink in Jet Black.

I always add ribbon or torn fabric at the top as a tie.  And it’s finished.  Easy breezy and a fun addition to your art journal pages.  You can always make a few extra tags and give them as gifts or use them as book marks.  Enjoy the process.  I can’t wait to see the tags you all make!


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