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Welcome to Life Documented Week 44 with Claire Ann

Hi all,

This week I have been inspired by some of the Happy Mail I have created for a friend here on social media.  I have also been admiring many bullet journal layouts and have decided I would like to incorporate a little into this week's prompt.

Prompt: To incorporate a pretty pocket and elements of a bullet journal in your layout.
Technique:  Use deli paper and the art of brush calligraphy (you can use India ink if you have any or simply use watercolours and a brush)
Quote:Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.   Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I have taken inspiration from a number of places on Instagram: @artgirlcreations78, 
@dreams.into.plans, @misfit.plans, @alisaburke and @kinueko as well as a little inspiration from my recently attended brush calligraphy workshop!

I decided to keep the background rather plain, and as I had managed to get blotches of paint on my page I decided to try and cover it with white acrylic to get it back to a b…

Welcome to Life Documented - Week 43 ith Pat Tillery

Theme: A look through life in pictures
Technique: collage photos, drawn pictures, and include yourself
Quote: “Time it was, and what a time it was; it was a time of innocence, a time of confidences. Long ago, it must have been, I have a photograph.” -Paul Simon

I love to travel. Perhaps my love of travel began as Sunday drives when I was a child, it developed into solo adventures touring this country, Brazil, and Europe. Sometimes I used art classes as an excuse to travel. Sometimes it was music. My companion was curiosity and a capacity to remember little corners of this planet.
I love looking back at where I’ve been. In this piece I’ve stepped out of myself imagining my silhouette in the constantly changing parade of photographs of my travel life.

First gesso, then blue and green to represent the globe.

I’ve cut out photos from magazines and used matte medium to attach.

A wash of acrylic glaze and white paint to obscure the details and convey the dreamy quality of memories.

Stencils, writin…

Welcome To Life Documented With Kristi Nazzaro Week 42

Theme: A Look At Life Through Pictures (drawn or photos) Prompt: Use a Tag Some Way Technique: Stitching a Photo on an Altered Art Tag Quote: Choose what works best for your photo
I am crazy for altered art tags.I love working small and incorporate tags in my art journals on a daily basis.I knew that adding a photo for this week’s theme would really add an element of fun to my piece.
I am taking a class online and happened to have all my Dylusions spray inks handy.After gathering a tag, some stamps (Stampers Anonymous, Paperbag Studios, Ali Edwards Designs) and fabric scraps I was ready to begin.

I sprayed a few different colors of the Dylusions spray inks directly on to my craft mat.

I then spritzed the inks with plain water.

I placed my tag face down directly in the ink.I was careful not to move the tag around too much.I didn’t want to mix the inks too much and end up with mud.I peeled the tag away from the craft mat and used a heating tool to dry most of the tag. I then let the tag air dry…

Welcome to Life Documented Week 41 - With Suz OCTOBER

Theme: A look at life through pictures (drawn or photos)

Prompt: Use a tag some way on your page

Technique: Finger paint

Quote: You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again.  You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life. ~Wayne Miller

I know some of you did the tag prompt for Roben-Marie's class and it has me using more tags lately.

The leaves are falling like crazy here but I am just not ready to do away with my summer colors yet.

This is what I did for this week's theme and prompt:

I always start with collage because it reinforces my pages and give me a place to start.  It also covers up the basic junk paper I use for my pages.
I used gesso to go over everything lightly then used my fingers to swipe blue on the left bottom and right top.  I used pink and just made swipes and crosses.  I left some of the high and low spots on to give it some texture.  I did not smooth out the paint as I went.

Then I added a green gold or oliv…