Welcome to Life Documented Week 39 with Julie Leggett

Week 39 with Julie Leggett
Theme: Admit your happy do what makes you happy

Quote: The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise.  It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.
Ashleigh Montague

Prompt :
Use distress inks to make your journal page background and add pockets to represent what makes you happy.  I have decided to do seven pockets which represent family, art,Christmas,  birds and nature, sewing, tea and friends. .so many things make us happy ; I could have done lots more.... it is up to you on the amount of pockets.

Supplies and equipment used:
Tim Holt distress inks:
The colours I used are barn door,  worn lipstick, spiced marmalade and peacock feathers.
Scrap paper and cards stock 
Hole punch
Washi tapes
Glue pritstick
Ink sponge
Ribbons assorted wool
Sewing machine

I applied the inks using a sponge applicator, making sure that it was clean of other colours.  I used the darker inks around the edge of the pages  and alternated the colours forming a cloud like look.  

I decided to stencil over the top of this with the darker ink (barn door).
For those that don't have distress inks I leave it to you to produce your own background choice.

I then moved onto making pockets to add onto the pages, this was so much fun and the options are endless. I used paper and used the sewing machine to create pockets, stamped paper, fabric and other embellishments were used.

I have a good stock of happy mail bits and pieces I could use, felt really good to use them.  I made tags and ATC's to put into the pockets and will enjoy adding to them.  I prepared the back of two tags to document my diary for the week.  

I arranged the pockets over the two journal pages.  I have recently been involved in producing pockets/ wallets for happy mail and this inspired me to do this page..I do hope you enjoy doing it as much as I have.

These are the tags I used to document my week.
I really look forward to seeing what everyone does.  I love surprises that you find in packages and pockets.
This is my completed journal page - I have really enjoyed it and I hope you do to!


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