Welcome to Life Documented Week 36 with Charity Darby



Art Appreciation Embrace Your Art

Prompt:  To use school supplies.
Technique:  Using a variety of school supplies feel free and go back to basics.
Quote: “I’m still learning.” – Michelangelo, age 87

It’s back to school time in our area. When I was a child, I LOVED school. I loved knowing that I could learn something new every day. I was obsessed with facts. I loved reading. And I LOVED school supplies. I was convinced that I could do well in school if I had a sparkly pencil, brand new crayons, and a decorated pencil case. I still get giddy when the school supplies start appearing in the stores.

For this week, I decided to use school supplies. They can provide a challenge because none of the supplies are artist grade. That’s part of the fun! I tried to focus on the joy of creating and not the finished product.

My camera wasn't working AT ALL, so there are no process photos. I started with a plain, boring composition book.  I fingerprinted  the cover with a cheap metallic craft paint. After it dried, I smeared the cover with a glue stick, waited for that to dry and reinterpreted the cover. It created some fun cracks in the paint. I used a child’s paintbrush and drew my mandala. With black acrylic paint.  Did some details in white paint. I had a GREAT time.

This week, remembering our school days, I hope we can get back to some of the basics. Art is fun. Paint feels good on your fingers. Simple supplies will work. The more fun that you are having, the more you will desire to learn. Happy creating, my friends!


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