Welcome to Life Documented Week 34 with Linda-Lee Wares

Art Appreciation Embrace Your Art

Hi my name is Linda-lee and I am honoured to do Week 34.  Let's pretend we are famous artist and are going to have a show of our work.  This week we will create our own gallery with our very own art!

Prompt:  To create our very own art gallery.
Technique: Create mini pieces of art using a variety of mediums and techniques (ink spray, threads, sewing techniques, sketching etc)
Quote:   If you hear a voice within you saying " you are not a painter"then by all means paint .... and that voice will be silenced Vincent Van Gogh

Tools and equipment

  1. Paper any sort I have used watercolour paper Winslow 200GSM
  2. Paints inks and distress paints (choose your favourite colours)
  3. Variety of pens, pencils and paints
  4. Whatever you use to cut your paper
  5. Your imagination


  1. Cut your paper into various rectangles and squares or even circles and ovals
  2. Colour each piece the colour of your choice
  3. Then do art on each piece
  4. When you have finished each piece you can edge in black or gold or any colour you wish
  5. In your book arrange your art pieces ,like you are in a gallery
  6. Glue them down
  7. If you like you can add a frame around some or all of them I opted to just go around my pieces again in black ink
  8. Have fun with it, have some wine and cheese and sit back and admire your art work because YOU are an ARTIST!


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