Welcome to Life Documented-Week 23 with Suz

Hi everyone!  Welcome to a new month!  Let's get started!

Theme: Doodles and Marks

Prompt: Use at least three marks on you page making them numerous times.

Technique: Adding the same marks over and over for impact and using a palette knife for added texture.

Quote: Press forward.  Do not stop, do not linger in your journey but strive for the mark set before you.  George Whitefield

This is what I started with minus the pink.  It was just a wipe off page that had some aqua and yellow on it.  I mixed pink and white on my palette then just scraped it onto the page randomly with a palette knife.  I didn't mix the colors well so some places you can see some white too.  The envelope strip and the polka dot strip were already on the page.  I went through this home made book and added some scrap strips  to separate the page for the days.  

Next I mixed some Apricot which is just a pale orange shade with white and again I didn't mix it together real well.  I wanted a separation of the colors so it wouldn't look solid and scraped it between the lines for my days on the right and over the top on the left.  I used the palette knife to also make the flower using the same color only adding pink to it.  Just scrape your paint on the page then use the tip in a circular motion to get the separation in the petal look.  

I added paper towels, with Mod Podge, cut in the shape of leaves.  I use paper towels to dab my wet brushes on so I keep some around for adding texture.  

I wet the paper towel with a clean brush and dropped some green watercolor on the leaves. 

On the other side I added some washi with black polka dots to give the two strips a more cohesive look then cut some graph paper. I used some under paper that had some of the same blue as the opposite page for the days.

I added a black border around the whole two pages and used white and black paint pens to add dots and some flourishes, and add some detail to the flower and leaves.  I also went around my days with black pen and wrote my Quote in pencil.  I may go over it with pen but I like the pencil and I usually always write in pencil first to get my spacing right.  

Here is a short video of how to make the flower.

Here is a quick sketch for Cathi on how I start a face.  I always draw my lines in and go back and erase them.  Think of the nose and the top of the lips as two mountain peaks with a dip in the middle.  If you want a whimsical face make your eyes farther apart or closer together.  Bigger lips, smaller lips, smaller nose. and make the neck straighter and your lines closer under the chin.

Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial.  I can't wait to see your work.  Happy June!

These are the supplies I used.


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