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Welcome to Life Documented-Week 27 with Suz

Hi everyone!  New month, new Theme!  Hope you are enjoying all our guest bloggers.  I know I am and I want to thank them all for participating!

This is what I will be making.

Theme: The Road Less Traveled/Traveling through life
Prompt: Use a magazine image that you really love, something that speaks to you personally.
Technique: Add a couple scraps of paper and stamp whole page 
Quote: The mind is everything.  What you think you become.  Buddha
For this tutorial I wanted to do something about traveling through life more than actual travel.  If you have a good attitude staying home can be as relaxing as actually going some place.  I wanted my pages to reflect calm and to be more minimal.
These are pages I had wiped off a stencil and a brush on previously.

I used an orange brown watercolor I had and brushed it all over the page, smoothing it out with my finger and a baby wipe.  This connected the two pages.You can also use watered down acrylics, or distress inks watered down. Just put …

Welcome to Life Documented Week 26 with Louise Mairs

Hi everyone! Louise here, and I am really privileged to be your guest on the blog for week 26!
Monthly Theme : Art marks and doodles
QUOTE : Life is the flowerforwhich LOVE is the honey.  Victor Hugo.
PROMPT: print and stencil marks on the background. 
TECHNIQUE: Use doodles to colour in areas.
I started by collaging random pieces of printed paper on my page. I like to do this as it gets me started and the white paper isn’t so intimidating!

I then used textured sheets, some I made, some I bought, and used them with my small gel plate to print on top of the collaged paper. I tried to fill in the spaces with interesting marks, by rolling acrylic paint on the gel plate and pressing the texture into it. 

Using my inks, I sprayed through stencils, wiping away some areas with a

Welcome to Life Documented Week 25 with Linda-Lee Wares

Hi my name is Linda-lee and I am honoured to do Week 25 - Art Marks and Doodles

Monthly theme: Art marks and doodles
Prompt: Doodle around shapes
Challenge: Cut shapes from paper or print art marks onto stickers
Quote:There are no mistakes only lessons to be learned.  From a Barbara Streisand song

My quote is a favourite of mine from a song by Barbara Streisand

“There are no mistakes only lessons to be learned”

I think it's appropriate for this lessons because just making random marks can be hard for people because it's about letting go and not thinking to much. So as you go along just remember “there are no mistakes only lessons to be learned”

Tools and equipment

1. A4 paper or underpaper if you rather
2. Paints inks and distress paints (choose your favourite colours)
3. Variety of pens pencils paint pens
4. Stamp
5. Glue (optional)
6. Sticker sheet paper and scanner(also optional)
7. Your imagination


1. Colour your A4 paper using your favourite colour

2. Make marks usi…

Welcome to Life Documented Week 24 with Claire Ann

Hi all and welcome to week 24! The weeks and months are just flying by right?

This week I had an urge to use a piece of under paper especially after sharing some of mine with Cathi Smith O' Neil.

So here goes!
Monthly Theme:  Art Marks and Doodles
Prompt:  To incorporate under paper into your page.
Challenge:  To add art marks and doodles into your page somehow.
Quote: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all ~ Helen Keller

First of all I grabbed a piece of my under paper which I felt drawn to!  I ripped the page into three random shapes and used one to stick straight across my journal page, like below:

I love my sewing machines and anything that resembles sewing! I grabbed a few pieces of recycled materials and sewed them altogether.  Next I hand-sewed a number of colourful buttons I have in my growing button stash.

Back to my journal page:  Next I decided to add a little blue to my page as I was struggling to look at the 'whiteness' of the page.  As soon as I had…

Welcome to Life Documented-Week 23 with Suz

Hi everyone!  Welcome to a new month!  Let's get started!
Theme: Doodles and Marks

Prompt: Use at least three marks on you page making them numerous times.

Technique: Adding the same marks over and over for impact and using a palette knife for added texture.

Quote: Press forward.  Do not stop, do not linger in your journey but strive for the mark set before you.  George Whitefield

This is what I started with minus the pink.  It was just a wipe off page that had some aqua and yellow on it.  I mixed pink and white on my palette then just scraped it onto the page randomly with a palette knife.  I didn't mix the colors well so some places you can see some white too.  The envelope strip and the polka dot strip were already on the page.  I went through this home made book and added some scrap strips  to separate the page for the days.  

Next I mixed some Apricot which is just a pale orange shade with white and again I didn't mix it together real well.  I wanted a separation of …