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 Tag Tutorial 

Theme: April Showers

Quote: Will Vary Using Words Created with Salvaged Words

I have recently rescued a few coverless books on one of my art adventures.  I thought it would be fun to design a tag around some salvaged words.  I found in my new/old books.  Keeping the monthly theme of  "April Showers" in mind, I chose  "be ever mindful" and "before the rain" as my words for this blog post.

I began by gathering my supplies.  I knew I wanted to make a larger tag.  This one is 4" x 8" in size.  I purchased a pack of these tags from Ali Edwards.  I love color, especially rainbows so I knew that I would incorporate rainbow colors in this tag.

List of Supplies (Links if Possible)
·         Patterned Paper
·         Dictionary Page
·         Deli Paper
·         UHU Glue Stick
·         Charcoal Pencil (black)
·         Acrylic Paint
·         Collage Pauge (Traci Bautista)
·         Make Up Sponges
·         Sewing Machine
·         Recycled Ribbons (Darn Good Yarn)

I began this tag by gluing the dictionary page directly on to the front of the manila tag.



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