Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (18th August) Week 33 with Anna Friesen

Life Documented - Week 33
Theme: Collage Prompt: Gather your favourite outdoor shots of the summer, and create a mixed-media page. Technique: Print out mini photos, and decorate with stamps and stencils, using ink, paint, paint pens, watercolour pencils and masking tape. Quote: Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be. - author unknown Choose a patterned paper for the background. This semi-marbled look design is the result of a second go from marbling with shaving cream. See THIS YouTube video if you want to learn how to learn this marbling technique. It's very easy and only takes shaving cream and arcylic paint. 

I sewed the paper to a watercolour sheet, folded partially in, like I do with many of the pages in my unPlanner.

I wasn't sure which photos I wanted to use - couldn't choose at first - I take too many photos haha!, so I printed out a collage of photos using an online collage maker called PiZap. It…

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (11th August) Week 32 with Kristi Nazzaro

Life Documented - Week 32 Collage Pocket Tag – By Kristi Nazzaro

Theme: Collage Prompt: Make a pocket out of a tag Technique:  Collage, paint, and stencil it.  Quote: I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body. Dele Olanubi
Summertime is such a perfect time to get outside, explore and see new places.As my family and I travel on day trips and get to see some of the local spots that we take for granted all year long I like to collect pieces of memories – a parking receipt, a menu, business cards, all kinds of bits and pieces that I can tuck in my journal.For this tutorial I’m going to show you how I made a pocket out of a large Dylusions tag.

I began by gathering some collage elements.My favorite go to for words, pictures, etc is Oprah magazine.I always find fun graphics and pictures.I loved the retro feel of the lady and basically planned the rest of the pocket tag around her.

I found a #12 Large Journaling Tag from the Dylusions line.And began by folding it slightly sma…

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (4th August) Week 31 with Chantal Esteban

Theme: Travel Prompt: Use map paper Technique: Create and add a pocket and fill it full of your week’s treasures. Quote: “ Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” Dalai Lama

Hello !  I am Chantal Esteban from France.

I’m honored to share with you this week’s tutorial.  It’s a first time for me, I will try to explain clearly.  My English isn’t very good, I hope you will understand me anyway.
I work on pages that I put in a binder and that I connect with rings twice a year.  This year, I have decided to avoid buying new supplies. I use as a background my gelliprints (I am addicted and have a pile of these papers!)

I started with a gelliprint page.  Next I cut a shape out of a piece of cardboard to make the pocket.

I decided to cover it with map paper and also cut three circles in the same paper.

 After that I decided to add some marks with stencils and Distress ink.

I glued the pocket with 3D stickers.