Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (23rd June) Week 25 with Deborah Gregg

Theme: Zentangles
Prompt: Create a doodled birds collage
Technique: Doodling on white paper shapes, collage onto colourful background
Quote: "You know there is an art alive within you, and the work you do to uncover it is not a waste of time." - Emily P Freeman

Hi everyone! It's such a privilege to share with you in my first ever blog post for Life Documented 2018. I know you’re all going to have great fun making this your own – I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

I do love tangle patterns and doodles, but find I have to be in the right frame of mind for them! If you feel like a change from doodles and tangle patterns feel free to collage using contrasting papers instead, or just do your own thing!

Step 1 – grab a cup of tea, and some chocolate! Then create a colourful background however you want to! I chose a couple of shades of green and teal acrylic paint, and used my gelli plate to print directly onto my journal pages. It was a bit tricky now my journal is getting quite full and lumpy, but I just went for it thinking I could always collage over if it didn’t work! Thankfully it went better than expected! For added texture to the gelli prints I used some bubble wrap and my favourite chevron stencil. I wanted to create a quick loose background with lots of subtle textures and patches going on.

Feel free to use whatever supplies, techniques and colours you like for this stage. Layer up some printed scraps or papers, use acrylic paints, watercolours, Brusho, distress inks etc etc. Just enjoy!

Step 2:
On plain white printer or cartridge paper, use a black pen to draw some outlines of birds, leaves and branches.

I’ve designed a free download for you, with various bird outline shapes for anyone who might find this helpful to trace, or print and cut out. Feel free to draw your own though – and I’m sure you can draw your own leaf shapes and twigs 😊 

(I will upload this to the 'Files' section within the FB group)

I used 4 birds to represent each member of my immediate family. I’m not quite sure who is who (!) but it was fun to make this page a little more personal to me.

Step 3:
Using a black pen (I used a Micron 05) doodle or draw tangle patterns all over your birds, leaves and branches. I used one pattern to fill each individual bird shape, and then used different patterns on each of the leaves. I found it helped drawing a heavy black line around the outlines before cutting them out, but that’s because I’m not very precise with my scissors!

You could paint or colour the birds, leaves and branches instead of doodling if you prefer, maybe add foil or a touch of silver leaf, or embossing powders or whatever you like. Just have fun!

Step 4:
Arrange the pieces on the page, you may want to trim a little here and there, or draw an extra leaf, etc if you have a gap. Using a glue stick, glue the pieces in position.

Step 5:
Add a quote of your choice – I love this quote by Emily P Freeman: “You know there is an art alive within you and the work you do to uncover it is not a waste of time.” I think I needed to hear that again this week – a timely reminder!
I used an ultra-fine black Posca Pen which writes brilliantly over acrylic painted backgrounds. 

I can’t wait to see what you will all come up with. Do have a go and enjoy uncovering the art that is alive within you!

Love Deborah


  1. Deborah this is a fun fun page and I loved how the birds represent family. Thanks for the note about posca pens writing over acrylic.


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