Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (5th May) Week 18 with Francisca Nunes MAY Divider

May Theme: Mandalas
Prompt: colorful and messy backgrounds
Technique: create a colorful background and draw a mandala dream catcher
Quote: Let your Art express your heart and soul (it was on my mind, and I love it!!)

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Hi lovely creative friends,

I’m much honored to be here again in this month, May my month! Yes my birthday month (ohhh and this year I will turn 40!!!! ). In this beautiful month the theme couldn't be more in line with me!! Mandalas!!  You might know that I love drawing mandalas, so this one was easy!! I also love to draw dream catchers, and since I started drawing mandalas I started a fusion with mandalas and dream catchers, which I love to draw. So, I thought on a mandala dream catcher as a start point for this week prompt. Hope you like it!!

I love to start with a very colorful and messy background. So I went to my scrap box and pick up some colorful papers, edges of parts painted, or stamped or with stencils. Anything. The idea is to get messy and colorful. After I glued the scraps randomly on the page I added, on the white parts, more stamps, and after that some marks with stamps.

(TIP: if you decide to work on a separated paper to add to your planner latter you might want to put some masking tape on the edges to make a frame. In this case I put underneath the page a plastic bag that I save from cereals and I adhere the paper and the masking tape to the plastic. This is because after you work on the page you will get a gorgeous washi tape to play with on your planner! I just love this technique)

After playing with the background I add some white acrilic paint just to blend a little the colors and the page. And then I draw the mandala dream catcher.

Draw the mandala dream catcher is absolutly simple. I draw half of one mandala ( TIP: continue drawing along the edges into the masking tape, for an even more gorgeous and unique washi tape)

In the bottom of the mandala I draw the feathers od the dream catcher.

I painted the feathers with white and colors, added a little more marks to the background and in the end I stamped Heart and soul, inspired on the quote that was in my mind when I was making this drawing.

After you finish your page, take off the masking tape. Probably you will have a stunning unique washi tape, and you will get surprised. Take a look at some of mines that I use to embellish my unplanner, or artjournal.

Well my friends hopping that you liked my ideas for this week and willowing to see what you create.
Oh, by the way!!! Since this is my month I have a bonus for you!!! Yehhh yehh! A little video with me making a mandala dream catcher. After the big page you can play altering some tags and add them to embellish your week on your planner.

Have a happy creative week!!!

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  1. I LOVE dream catchers and your projects with them are gorgeous! Also your washi making tip the result is amazing! 💖💖💖💖💖


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