Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (12th May) Week 19 with Hilda Scheenstra

Theme: Mandalas
Prompt: Just play...
Technique: Draw a freestyle mandala
Quote: The secret of Happiness is Freedom, the secret of Freedom is courage (Carrie Jones)

Yay, I love to be here again! This time I thought it would be nice to show you how I'm working in my Planner. Since the Unplanner I am using an A5 planner of Simple Stories. Each week I decorate my planner with some magazine pages I like, cutting some strokes and punching circles in different sizes. For Life Documented most of the time I use an Indexcard or more precisely an Indexcard I made for ICAD (InexCard A Day) that fits the week color wise. I will tell more about ICAD later!

This months theme is Mandalas and immediately I thought of the Mandalas from Daisy Yellow (Tammy Garcia) which I really like! They are free, creative and playful. 

You can find some of them here:

I think they are easy to make and do not take a lot of time. I like this quick ones especially in this time of the year where I love to be more outside in my garden than inside my home. 😊

Ok, let's start! On this first photo you can see the week in my planner and the ICAD I choose but for Life Documented I will use the other side of this Indexcard.

I choose to start with a blanco Indexcard and add color later, but you can also start with a colorful background. The black pen I use is not waterproof but if you don't like the pen to interact with paint or watercolor I advise you to use a waterproof pen!

I would like you to play, not to overthink too much, just go! There is no good or wrong in this case.

After I finish my Mandala I add some watercolor with a water brush and some splatters. I like how the watercolor interacts with my non waterproof pen!

And this is how it looks in my planner! 😊

Have fun!

As promised I would like to tell you more about ICAD: IndexCard A Day. It is a 61 day challenge hosted by Daisy Yellow in the months June and July. The idea is to make some art on an Indexcard during 61 days. There will be prompts for each day but you can also choose your own! I've done ICAD for 3 years now and it is so much fun! There are always Indexcards on my desk and I use them a lot. Cheap material to try and test things of all kind, but I also started to appreciate that small pieces of art. 

More on ICAD 2018 you can find here:

Looking forward to see your mandalas!
Hope you liked to play with me, maybe I see you at ICAD! 😊



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