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Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (26th May) Week 21 with Claire Leggett

Prompt:  Incorporate a dreamy portrait in with your mandala heaven.
Technique:  To use pastels, pens and scraps of paper to develop your page.
Quote:  Trust the mess.  Let your imagination flow.  Jane Davenport

Hi all!

So I am in my creative groove - finally!  Whilst it is here, I am going to revel in it and try and to develop my skills of drawing a face - ekkk!  I had this book bought for me by my dearest mum as she knows how much I avoid drawing people, faces.  I absolutely adore this book and have felt able to give it a go.  I have since found that she has a new book called 'Fabulous Figures', it is to die for!  I so want it but it's out of stock over here so I will have to wait!  Beautiful faces - Jane Davenport UK or Jane Davenport website

Step 1:
Fist things first, I found were a variety of papers, stickers, serviettes etcetera, basically anything colourful and patterned.  I had quite a lot of fun looking through my many boxes of paper and scraps - go for it …

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (19th May) Week 20 with Pat Tillery

Week 20: Theme: Mandalas
Prompt: Scrappy Mandala
Technique: Make template or use punch and use scraps to create a colorful background for a mandala.
Quote: “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” Nelson Mandela

I’m always looking for uses for the growing pile of gel prints and scraps. I love both the geometry and the opportunity to doodle endlessly within the mandala.

Punch a circle and 8 ovals or use a template to create similar shapes. Glue circle and evenly space ovals around circle.

Start the mandala with some guide dots. I do love the Presto correction pen for a bold white line. Opaque gel  and paint pens also work well on gel prints.

Start building the mandala.

Doodles and repeated patterns become a mandala.

How about using a diamond template to make a mandala?

So many patterns to create the mandala.

I thought I was finished.

Then I saw colored opaque pens. Another opportunity to continue doodling.

I’ll stop for now. Wait-what if I put tiny dots around the yellow dot?

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (12th May) Week 19 with Hilda Scheenstra

Theme: Mandalas Prompt: Just play... Technique: Draw a freestyle mandala Quote: The secret of Happiness is Freedom, the secret of Freedom is courage (Carrie Jones)
Yay, I love to be here again! This time I thought it would be nice to show you how I'm working in my Planner. Since the Unplanner I am using an A5 planner of Simple Stories. Each week I decorate my planner with some magazine pages I like, cutting some strokes and punching circles in different sizes. For Life Documented most of the time I use an Indexcard or more precisely an Indexcard I made for ICAD (InexCard A Day) that fits the week color wise. I will tell more about ICAD later!
This months theme is Mandalas and immediately I thought of the Mandalas from Daisy Yellow (Tammy Garcia) which I really like! They are free, creative and playful. 
You can find some of them here:
I think they are easy to make and do not take a lot of time. I like this quick ones especially in this time …

Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (5th May) Week 18 with Francisca Nunes MAY Divider

May Theme: Mandalas Prompt: colorful and messy backgrounds Technique: create a colorful background and draw a mandala dream catcher Quote: Let your Art express your heart and soul (it was on my mind, and I love it!!)

You may wish to create your own May divider - please do share in the FB group and on Instagram @instalifedocumented, #instalifedocumentedweek18 #instalifedocumented2018

Hi lovely creative friends,
I’m much honored to be here again in this month, May my month! Yes my birthday month (ohhh and this year I will turn 40!!!! ). In this beautiful month the theme couldn't be more in line with me!! Mandalas!!You might know that I love drawing mandalas, so this one was easy!! I also love to draw dream catchers, and since I started drawing mandalas I started a fusion with mandalas and dream catchers, which I love to draw. So, I thought on a mandala dream catcher as a start point for this week prompt. Hope you like it!!

I love to start with a very colorful and messy background. So I wen…