Welcome to Life Documented (28 April) Week 17 with Suz

Hi everyone!  Let's make zines!

Theme: Rejuvenation – butterflies

Prompt: Create a zine

Technique: Use your scraps and a piece of copy paper to make a zine

QUOTE: Change can be beautiful; butterflies are the greatest proof of this.  Matshona Dhliwayo   

Let's get started!

Before I made the zine I did my background in my journal.  I used a couple of purple watercolors and wet the page and just dropped color on and spread it around.  I didn't use gesso.

I tore some of  gelli paper I made into strips and added them on the left for the days of the week.

I went around all the days with a small brush and scribbled white paint around each day then diluted the white and swiped it over the gelli prints to mute them some.

On the right side I put a gelli print butterfly which I ended up covering with the flower but the butterfly I used to make the print, the paper stencil, I glued below the flower on the page.  I made a belly band for my zine to go in by using a piece of heavy paper cut in a strip and used double sided tape to stick it down on each side.  This is open on the bottom. (see above photo)

This was my color palette. Ultramarine blue, Amsterdam Fluorescent pink, and Light Cadmium Yellow Hue, the lavendar from Jane Davenport's acrylics Set 2, titanium white.

Showing how I did the flower.  I scribbled yellow and green in a spot on the page.  If you like you can do this on copy paper too, cut around it then glue it on your page. I mixed the blue and yellow to get my greens.

Then I dabbed pink dots around in a circular pattern.

I dabbed more pink and gradually added puple to the pink.

Leaving a little yellow showing.

I added yellow and white dots to the center of the flower, about 2/3 or the way up from the bottom of the flower.

I mixed some pink into the green and got this dull green which I liked quite a bit and added it to the outside flipping my brush outward.

I finished up by going back around the outside with more of the kelly green made from the yellow and blue.  Your greens will be different if you use different blues and greens but experiment with your colors.

Now for the zine.

Take a piece of copy paper and fold it lengthwise. Fold it in half a second time, Fold it in half a third time

Open it back up one fold and mark from the corner to the first section on each side of the top of your paper. See the faint red mark.  Use a pencil so you can erase to mark this area.  

Open it back flat and use an exacto to cut from the center on the red line just the one section on each side of the center fold like below.  Or you can just fold it in half and cut the line with scissors.

Fold it back over once and push your cut sides toward each other.

Then just fold it into your book.  Usually if the sides don't match up you can fold it back the other way and they will match better.

Now use your pencil to mark the front, page one, two, three etc. all the way to marking your back page with "back".

Now decorate with your scraps.  You can use butterflies and the quote or do what you like.  Don't glue over each folded area or it will make your zine bulky.  Treat each square as a little photo area. 
I used some small scraps from Courtney Diaz printouts from her patreon.

I also received some washi which are the beautiful roses at the corner and bottoms of my zine and across my belly band.  Anna Friesen is selling it on Etsy.

This is mine all done. I added the quote to my zine.

You can scan or take it to an office supply and make several to send to your friends.

The dates I used on the left side of my journal are from Courtney Diaz(Patreon)
Have a wonderful week!


  1. This so beautiful Suz ! Can't wait to create the zine.
    I love !!!

    1. Thank you Chantal! Sorry it took so long for the reply.

  2. Suz who is Courtney Diaz and what is Patreon(i thought it was a brand of tequila)

    1. I answered you on Facebook didn’t I Monica?

  3. Thankyou I'm glad I found it! You mention using your sketch book , was it? I'm wondering if scrap book paper or mixed media paper , which has been worked on and in our stash . Can be glued onto copy paper! ~ May I use your flower demo to make a flower , as well ? ! I love the intention of the yellow peeking through! :)

    1. Yes you may! And yes, gluing scrap paper on copy paper would work.


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