Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (21st April) Week 16 with Nicole Austin

Hello! I’m Nicole Austin (aka Kinueko) and I’m excited to share with you this week’s tutorial!  Today, I’ll show you how to create this lovely, layered journal spread using my favorite materials and techniques.  Let’s get started!

Theme: Rejuvenation & butterflies

Technique: Layering and resist

Prompt: Choose words that represent what it means to you to “rejuvenate.”  Think of these words as those you’d like to manifest in your life this year.

Quote:  You may chose your own!

Ranger Distress Resist Spray (you can also use clear gesso)
Oil pastels
Spray ink (preferably permanent ink such as Mr Hueys or Marabu)
Acrylic ink (F&W Daler Rowney in Sundown Magenta and Liquitex in Cerulean Blue)
Golden fluid acrylic (Phthalo Blue)
Golden high flow acrylic (Fluorescent Pink)
Liquitex paint markers (Fluorescent pink, Red, Bright Aqua, Lime Green)
Brea Reese paint writer (red, white, light blue)
Stabilo marks-all pencil (black)
Spray bottle
Glue stick
Scrap paper (old book page, etc)
Stencil (“Butterfly Journeys” by Carolyn Dube for StencilGirl)
Makeup sponge
Baby wipes

First off, I begin by filling up the page with a little bit of spray ink through a stencil (this happened to be already in my journal when I started, so I just went with it!  I often find that it is helpful to start with a page that already has something on it).  Then, I scribbled and made some marks with oil pastels in my favorite colors. 

I make marks with my paint pens in various places.  I like to make dashes, pluses and dots.

Then, I add drips with the magenta and blue acrylic ink.  

It’s fun to splatter it, smash the pages together to get a “butterfly” effect where there are matching marks on both pages, or just let it drip down the page.  

Keep a scrap paper handy (I like to use old book pages) to mop up any excess ink, paint, drips, etc.  Scrape any leftover paint and spray ink through stencils on this paper, too, as you go - it makes lovely collage paper that you’ll use at the end!

When everything is dry, I spray the resist spray through a butterfly stencil.  You can also use clear gesso for this step.  Sometimes the spray nozzle clogs, and you don’t get an even spray.  If that happens, transfer a bit to a mini-mister or mini spray bottle and you can get better results.  You can also just dip in the resist spray with a makeup sponge and apply it through the stencil that way. Play with adding drips from the wings of the butterflies or even spraying the resist in some areas and just letting it drip down the page.

After that layer is fully dry comes the kinda “scary” part!  You’re gonna cover up all that beautiful goodness with a few sprays of the navy Mr Huey's spray ink!  (I’ve also used fluid acrylic for this step).  

Working quickly, while the ink is still wet, you’ll spread it around with a baby wipe (you’ll need a few!).  You should start to see the butterflies pop out as the background becomes dark blue and everywhere the resist spray has dried will be the original background.  

Change baby wipes frequently so you aren’t just spreading the ink over the butterflies.  Once the background is covered, wipe over the butterflies with a clean baby wipe to get an even crisper image.

Add some fluid acrylic to the edges of the pages to create a framing effect.  This will help attract attention to the focal point of the butterflies.  Blend the edges with a baby wipe.

Outline the butterflies with the Stabilo marks-all pencil and trace over those lines with a waterbrush.  

Squeeze some water out and tilt the page up to create fun drips.  You can also write with the pencil over the wet areas to create an even darker outline.

When that layer is dry, use the paint writers to add dots and scribbles to the background and add accents to the butterflies.  This is a great way to brighten up a dark background, too.  

Brighten up any paint pen marks you might have covered up in previous layers, too, at this point.  You can also add splatters with the paint pens as well!

Add some more drips with the fluorescent pink High Flow ink and tilt the page and use the spray bottle to dilute (acrylic paint can also be a good substitute here).  Use the Stabilo pencil to re-draw the butterfly outlines if they get covered too much by the drips. 

Write your words on little pieces of the scrap paper with a Stabilo pencil and use a glue stick to adhere them to the butterflies.  Use the Stabilo pencil to re-draw any parts of the butterfly that may get covered by the scrap paper pieces.

And that’s it!  You’ve created a lovely, layered journal page spread full of color, marks and special words.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, I’m so glad you took the time to join me today!  

I’d love to see what you’ve created!  You can tag me on Instagram @kinueko or on Facebook @nicoleaustinart!

If you’d like to learn more about my art & techniques, tutorials or class offerings you can visit me at:

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