Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (31st March) Week 13 with Claire Ann and APRIL Divider

Theme:  Rejuvenation - butterflies
Prompt:  To recreate a collage using butterflies
Technique:  Use scrap papers and whatever you have in your stash - make it emerge into something quite beautiful!
Quote:  Never Lose hope, the butterfly is proof that beauty can emerge from something completely falling apart.  Jane Lee Logan

Hi all!  It's the holidays here in the UK (yipee!) allowing me to fully embrace my art and journalling to the max.  I have been looking forward to this month's theme, 'Rejuvenation - Butterflies'.  I just LOVE  butterflies, what they symbolise, the way they move, their vibrancy - just everything about them.

I had been looking around at various inspirations for this week's prompt and came across to many beautiful ideas.  One particular artist stood out to me - Andrea Gomoll - www.andrea-gomoll.de.  I just loved the way the colours and stencils/stamps have been used to created such a beautiful journal page and I just had to try and take my inspiration from this.

Step 1:

I am not the world's best drawer (is that even a word!?) I wanted soe super pretty templated butterflies to paint for my journal page so I simply googled Butterfly sketch search and picked two different designs that I liked.

Step 2:

I then grabbed my colour palette of acrylic paints and started to paint my butterflies.  I also used my gold pen, gold metallic paper (which I scratched onto the wings randomly) and my Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Metallic paint.  I then left these to one side and started to think about my actual journal page.

Step 3:

I wanted to keep my process simple so I grabbed a variety of stencils and stamps and added them to my page.  I wasn't too fond of my page so white gesso-ed over the top so it could be seen through, only slightly.  I decided to look in my stash of bits and bobs and picked a piece of beautifully gelli printed paper.  I found some old book paper and sewed it on using my zigzag stitch on my machine.

Step 4:

I grabbed a paper doily and more pretty papers and sews them together with a zig zag stitch again and got myself ready to arrange them with the butterflies I made earlier.

Step 5:

Next I simply started to place my various elements around my journal page and when I felt happy I started to stick them onto my page.  I decided to use my larger butterflies on the other side of my journal page.  I cut two hearts out of a variety of pieces of scrap paper and stuck them onto my developing page.

Step 6:

I found some butterfly stamps and popped a few around the outside of the page to add a little contrast to the page.  

I added the quote at the bottom of the page too.  I will decide on how I will document on the opposite page and share this with you once I figure it out!  I would like to add photographs and ATC cards into this week's prompt but don't want to overload the prompt for you all to create.  What I plan to do is simple little designs and pictures printed from my printer and pop them into my plastic wallet pockets.

Step 7:

I decided to get my trusted black gesso out and cover my opposite page completely, then using two washi tapes I picked out from my growing stash, I added two sets of stripes across the page.

I found some pretty decorations in my Happy Mail stash I keep on my desk, and popped them on the top foe contrast.  I'm not entirely sure how I will document this week using the layout I have created (sigh) but I am hoping that the next stage will help me to document my week in a more creative way.

Step 8: (Optional step)

I plan on creating a pretty border to replace the hole punched side and add a pretty clip to hold it into my journal.  Sometimes these ideas take longer to manifest hence me returning to show you what I have produced as an addition to this journal page.  I also have my large butterflies left over, so I will try and incorporate these into it somehow too!


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