Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (24th March) Week 12 with Suz Og

Theme:  Art - exploring styles

Prompt: Exploring Wendy McWilliams abstract art. 

Technique: Make an abstract using Wendy Mcwilliams technique of wet in wet acrylics blending with paper towels or cloth. 

Quote: "Abstract artists tell their stories with shapes, color, edges, movement, and value - just like when one is painting a beautiful scene. The difference is, of course, there is no scene. The scene is within the artist. I often get asked, 'How do you know when you are done?' I am done when the story is told."
Gwen Fox

Hi all!  One of my favorite artists is Wendy McWilliams. There isn’t a lot about her that I can find and her YouTube channel has just small snippets of her doing her work. She does beautiful abstracts using bright colors and you might guess her favorite color is pink. She also loves circles. All good right?!

She blends wet in wet with acrylics smoothing and blending her art with a cloth or a paper towel sometimes squeezing the color straight onto her canvas. Her favorite paint is Golden but she is self taught and I notice if it’s not a commissioned piece she uses all types of acrylics. I also notice little things that look like a story in her paintings. 

She also does florals and is incorporating line work in some of them now  but my favorites are the ones of color all smudged and running together. She also loves PINK. 

This is her website 

The best place to see examples of her work is through Google Images

I prepared my paper with gesso.

This is so weird that the last two of us then I picked abstract. 

Anyway, I just grabbed some paint colors I liked and started swooshing them around with about a size 8 brush that was is on it's last leg.  I put a couple colors right onto the page and started moving them into other colors on the page itself. 

I noticed it was impossible to wipe the small journal with a paper towel so I used my fingers and the brush. 

Then I noticed it was getting kind of ugly because all the colors were mixing together.  I went ahead and moved this color in straight lines to the bottom of the page. 

At this point I just walked away.  I let the whole thing dry.  You are using much more paint for this so sometimes you just have to leave it which is hard for me but I left it overnight.  I was glad I did because even though this was really ugly it made a really nice neutral under layer. I added smudgy circles of colors I like and just the hint of a house and person to the right side.  Most abstract you won't see actual shapes of things but hey, it's my painting.  I smudged the blue and white at top right and bottom left, using my fingers

I sometimes want to tell a story, and that won't mean a lot to anyone but me. I went back into the central area and added some bright spots for interest.  Almost like a field of flowers.  I brushed in fluorescent pink over the softer pinks and dabbed some of that pink in other areas so it wouldn't be just in one glaring spot. 

I noticed Wendy Mcwilliams added some very large areas of predominant colors so I tried to do the same with the white bottom left and the blues in the top right adding just a hint of blue to the white and white to the blue.

I went in and added some finishing touches.  Circling some of the shapes and adding some dots of color and more blue at the bottom.  Adding the blue made my eye go from the top to the bottom of the page and the dots bottom right drew my eyes to that corner.  I am no expert but I like to have my eye pulled around a painting.  

I like this as is so I will put my week on the back side of the next page.  This paper is thinner that I am using so I don't want to make it so heavy on the outside edge it will rip so I am not doing as many tip ins this year but I do use the small life cards to put my photos on to tip in or ATC size.

I had some cards laying out I had cut to postcard size so wiped my brush on them with the excess paint and added some more to them the next day.  

I really like this style of painting and have been doing it on a regular basis the last few weeks as a warm up. 

Let me know in the Facebook group if you think I give enough information or not enough.  I never know exactly how much you need and if I give enough or too much.  

Supplies used.  A little of everything but just the one old brush and my finger.

The white Tulip paint is a soft fabric paint.  I got it because it was on clearance but I really love it as a blending white because of it's softness and the fact that it is a little more transparent.

I hope you all have fun with this and check out Michel Keck and Orly Avineri if you don't care so much for this look or art style.


  1. I am only getting around to this one just now, and I can hardly wait to do it. This is gorgeous! I do plan to click your link to her work before I open the paints. (p.s. Since you asked: I feel you have given enough info to go forward with it)

  2. Suz, I absolutely love it! My eye moved around the page just like yours did. Amazing. 😍😍


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