Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (17th March) Week 11 with Louise Mairs

Theme - Exploring styles
Prompt - Fragmentation
Techniques - collage, fragment, mark making, texture
Quote - ‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ Wayne Dyer.

Hi!  Louise here! I am very honoured to be sharing my art with you, and I hope I will inspire you this week!

I started off by looking at some Cubist art and I loved how Braque and Picasso fragmented objects against really textured backgrounds, creating interesting relationships between colour shape and texture. 

First of all, I made an oval shape using tracing paper and drew round it.

I then drew a border within the outline, and trimmed the tracing paper.

I looked through my stash of gelli-prints and papers and carefully placed torn and cut shapes on to the page.

I used the tracing paper as a template and drew an oval on to the papers below.

I cut the shapes within the oval border, gluing as I went. I then drew my fragmented objects.

Using coloured pencils, I shaded around the objects to create a 3D effect. I added coloured pen and stencil lettering.  I then rendered the border to look like my wicker chair! 

Finally, I painted the outside in bronze and copper paint, and wrote the quote with white pen.

Thank you for watching! Enjoy - and I look forward to seeing your take on this week’s prompt!  

Lots of love, Louise xx

Materials used


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