Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (10th March) Week 10 with Randi Kollhoff North

Work of Elizabeth Murray...

Theme: Art-Exploring Styles
Prompt: Explore the art of Elizabeth Murray and her use of the elements and principles of art to create meaning in her aesthetics.
Technique: Explore creating in the style of Murray while using media you are comfortable with.
Quote: “Art is an epiphany in a coffee cup.” Elizabeth Murray

Hi from Texas and finally warmer weather, even though it has been mixed with LOTS AND LOTS of rain!

One of my absolute favorite artists is Elizabeth Murray.  I wrote a paper over her in college and was truly inspired by her entire outlook on life and art.  I purchased an entire book on her (including a photo) and you can see her episode and more of her personal story on Art 21 at https://art21.org/artist/elizabeth-murray/. I highly suggest it.  She has such a playful and humorous way about her style, even though many of her early works included domestic items fitting of the lifestyle of a housewife.

Elizabeth's process:

I started with a blank page and built from there.  I began drawing shapes, forming a full composition of random imagery.

From here, I began playing with color as Elizabeth did with paint.  I chose to use Prismacolor pencils and Art Stix for filling in my designs since they are easy to blend and build.  These are one of my absolute favorite mediums to use!! 

I will continue to add color and create throughout the week, but here is my start to what I am truly enjoying playing through.

I hope you enjoy exploring the art of Elizabeth Murray and working in a medium you are familiar and comfortable with.  Happy creating!

-Randi North

Instagram: @rnorth_artist84


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