Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (3rd February) Week 5 with Julie Leggett DIVIDER INSPIRATION INCLUDED

Theme for February:  Hearts and flowers - exploring paints and mediums
Technique: Using soft gel medium, acrylics, charcoal, stencils and layering.
Prompt:  To create depth and texture. 
Quote:  'Get over your hill and see what you find there - with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair' Anonymous

Hello from Bonsall in Matlock I live just on the edge of the National Peak District in England,  a beautiful place.

Hi from Julie, it is with much pleasure that I am starting off the first week in February with a brand new theme 'Hearts and Flowers'. This month we are exploring paints and mediums - so lots of fun to be had 😊 exciting !!

Equipment used:
Acrylic paints
Golden gel medium  (matte)
Conte black charcoal pencil
Stencils: diamonds,  flower and small hearts
Dictionary paper/ any printed paper is ok
Distress inks
Card and pencil

This week I have done a double page spread feel free to make yours as big or little as your journal allows - you do need to work on a suitable thickness of paper; or strengthen your page with layering and gesso first.

Cover your pages in white gesso.  Allow to dry.  Do allow drying time between all layers.
I chose a colour combination with the help of a colour wheel, I have a small pocket one easily obtainable from eg Amazon.

I chose rose pink , ultramarine and purple with addition of white.   The paint was spread on using my fingers and a wipe - first layer pink. I allowed the layers to dry and then with downward strokes continued to add the paint.

In between waiting for your paint to dry create yourself a couple of heart stencils to use to draw and cut out your hearts from your chosen printed paper.  I used a dictionary and chose the page with the words heart, it was nice to have some chosen words for the month. 

When you are happy with your acrylic layering and the outcome of the page, select your stencil and use the soft gel medium; this will take a little longer to dry; but the textured effect is so worth it.  Once dry use your fingers again to cover with acrylic again playing until you get your desired effect.  Allow to dry.

Tear some strips of printed paper - glue these on in a desired shape, I wanted to keep everything with a downward type of theme. Once paper is dry with very light acrylic (mostly white) using your finger cover over allowing print to be seen through.  Place your printed hearts onto the page and glue down, once dry use a little gesso around the edges and thinly over the print - not covering the print. Allow to dry.

Because it is hearts and flowers I introduced some flowers using a rose stencil and distress ink just where I fancied really. When it was completely dry I used the charcoal pencil to edge all of the hearts and rub it in again with my fingers..  (Gosh I washed my hands a lot during the whole of this process) I used a small heart stencil to draw charcoal hearts randomly - you could do this free hand.

I rubbed a little charcoal also into the textured areas here and there to give a little definition.

I then added my prompt  (printed from computer) and stuck down.  I used some distress ink to colour the words and help them to blend in.  Again I  charcoaledthe edges and blended in.

I hope you all like the pages and I look forward to seeing your variations.  

I also did my February front page in the same style- I have added a pic of that too. Xx


  1. This is beautiful Julie! Thank you! Can't wait to try it out!

  2. I never thought of doing a front page for the month. That could be fun! :)


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