Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (10th February) Week 6 with Francisca Nunes

Theme: Hearts and flowers – exploring paints and mediums
Technique: use gel printed papers, stencils, and stamps to create a multi layered background
Prompt: Exploring texture and marks
Quote: Put your heart mind and soul into even your smallest acts.  Swami Sivananda

Hi hello dear creative group!

I’m so honored and happy to be here again this year making this week, sharing my process and give you some inspiration to create.

I really fear a blank page and most of the time I start by making a background, with collage or with paint. A background with depth and texture is inspiring for us to go further on the page. When sometimes with a blank page you get blocked, with a background you might be inspired with those colors, texture and shapes. I focused on exploring paint as in printing, creating texture and depth, as in the marks that I did on the page with some home-made tools or with stamps, or with the stencils to create more and more layers.

Hope you enjoy the tutorial!
To create my background I started gathering some gelli printed papers, with lots of colors and textures, because of the stencils used when I printed. Some of the papers are translucent, like vegetable paper and it allows seeing underneath the paper some of the stamps. I love using the gelli plate because when you use it you can really explore paint, combinations of colors, textures and depth. 

I cut pieces of the papers and fill the page.

In the middle of the collages I like to add some marks that will be visible when I glue semi translucent paper. It gives more texture to my page. So I used some stamps, here and there.

After my collage I use some watercolors to add color to the white parts of my background.

At this time I like to add some white acrylic to blend the entire page, and create spots of texture and depth.

Then I continue creating layers upon layers with paint, stamps and stencils.

Here I stamped tissue paper and add to my page. It will give a gorgeous volume and texture. 

I add marks with some random tools.

Then I use a stencil to create a black spot on one part of the page, where I will write the quote, and little spots to blend the entire page, to create harmony. Then, with white I created a big space to draw my flowers.

I continue adding more marks here and there and wrote the quote.

I really loved to create this page. I hope you can feel inspired! Excited to see what you create with this prompts and ideas!!

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  1. This is absolutely stunning, Francisca! Love the techniques!

  2. This is beautiful! The colors are awesome:). Thank you for sharing.


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