Welcome to Life Documented-by Suz 2018 (6th January) Week 1 with Suz Og

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to a New Year! Claire and I kind of overlapped with our weeks as she did last of the year into first!  To keep things simple this is Week 1 and Claire's previous prompt is the 'Divider Week' or Week 0 or however you wish to label it! If we keep this as Week 1 all will stay on a steady keel!

Theme: Vintage paper/draw
Prompt: Choose a word for the year
Technique: Make a dashboard, card, divider or page with your word on it.
Quote: Every man should be born again on the first day of January.  Start with a fresh page. -Henry Ward Beecher

I have started each new year with a new word for several years now and it usually just comes to me.  A word that fits with what I want to accomplish. This year I want to have grace.  Grace in the way I treat people and deal with all the things that happen expectedly or unexpectedly.  

I am using a Travelers Notebook this year.  I began by cutting a piece of watercolor paper to the size of my TN insert.   

I decided to turn it sideways I printed out some old photos.  Two of them were my own and one was from a site that offered the ledger paper for free.  If you go to my Pinterest I have a Printables board.  You can find some sites from there.  My printer isn't that great so the printouts are faded but for this it worked just fine.  If you do this you should use a layer of Mod Podge or Gel Medium to coat the papers so they don't run if you get some water on them.  I ripped the pages and cut the angel out and used Liquitex Gel Medium to glue them down and coat the top.

I used a palette knife to add some white paint to the edges of the torn collage to blend it together better.

I added some ripped teabags, a piece of old paper and the angel.

After everything was dry I got out my watercolors.  I used Mission Brand and wet my surface lightly in the white spaces and around the edges of the collage and dropped some small amounts of color over the water.  You need very little watercolor if you use this method and then spread it around.  When that was dry I used my black Stabilo pencil and outlined some of the angel and some of the branches of the tree.

I wanted to make my word pretty but needed a guide of some sort so I went to dafont.com and looked through their Brush scripts and found a font I like.  Most of these are for personal use only.  They have a link for commercial use and their policies on each one but I was looking for something to copy somewhat so I didn't even download the font.  There is a place where you can type in your word and you can see what it will look like.  See the box above the name of the font where I typed my word?  Click enter and your word will come up in the actual font.  Then I drew it in with my pencil on my paper.  I didn't trace it, I just did it freehand and colored it in with a brush pen.   

I finished with a piece of cardboard glued under the word and just scribbled some chalk here and there and around the edges.  I used my corner chomper and rounded the two bottom corners.  The last thing I did was laminate it which is not necessary but since it is the first page in my book I wanted to protect it and have something to put some washi on when I travel.  Then used washi tape to attach it.  I have an older version of this laminating machine.

  This is my layout inside for the first week.

I did the art the same as for the divider.  I used some light weight scraps. Tissue paper, and a stencil, a little gesso and some distress paint, a stamp from Paperbag Studios.  There is half an artpop from Roben-Marie Smith's downloads if you join her network.  The number stamps which are not great but give you a messy look because they are a really soft clear material are Bo Bunny. I do love the other stamps in this set for background stamps.   


I got a set of these cards in a bundle of things I bought from someone personally.  They are Heidi Swapp cards that I am tipping in.  I think these may be discontinued but I found these.  I also saw them at the online JoAnn.

YellowPaperHouse also has some cute month cards that once you pay you can download them.  I buy their standard inserts sometimes.  They are a little larger than the TN inserts but they fit.  

My first blank page of my first insert I ripped a napkin I had and glued it around the edges of my page. The butterfly was on the napkin.  

Then I just filled in over the napkin with watercolor and pen.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this gives you some ideas.


  1. Suz, this is a very well thought out and detailed post. Thanks for all the information. Vintage has never really appealed to me and whenever I attempt it it just looks grungy.

  2. Lovely post, Suz - your work, and the challenge. The word that came up for me was "choose". Interestingly. it feels more like it chose me! LOL Getting to work on it now.... (=


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