Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (27th January) Week 4 with Randi Kollhoff North

Theme:  New beginnings - vintage paper/drawings
Prompt: To bring in elements that jump into your mind when you are creating
Technique: Transfers with goof off/turpentine/nail polish remover and laser ink printed images

Quote: “I put on the canvas whatever comes into my mind.” Frida Kahlo 

Hello from Texas! Even though it hasn’t really felt like Texas much the last few weeks!!  Too cold for me. (Sorry for those in the bitter cold. Try to stay warm!)  

Hi everyone! I’m Randi North.  Here is my week 4 for the last week in January and very beginning of February!  I hope you are inspired. 😊

I started with my quote from artist Frida Kahlo - “I put on the canvas whatever comes into my mind.” I am very inspired by reflections within the mind and what we choose to use as an artist.  Why are we drawn to certain media, images, techniques, etc?  

I began with using some various BACKWARDS (only important for words) images I have printed off from a laser printer.  You can use magazine images as well. They work also.  I use Goof Off, but you can use turpentine or nail polish remover for this technique also.  I start by laying it down on my page ink side down.  I brush on the goof off, then burnish the back with a wooden spoon.  Pull up, and voila! A transferred image!!!

Next, Iayered a random painted paper, a few more images, and then I decided to add the quote for more inspiration.

After this, I wanted to play in watercolors! I used them to add color to my page.  This helps to lead the eye around the spread. I just played with a few colors I love!!

From here, I pulled out my Prismacolor watercolor pencils.  I love these I can use them dry, dip them in water, or blend after application with a wet brush! So versatile!! I used 
them to create the image of myself and the circles.  I LOVE doodling circles for some crazy reason!

Last, I added in a random piece of handmade paper for my “documenting of the week” that I will add to as I go.  I always create little doodles for the week to remind me of what happened during that week when I look back. I really enjoy doing this for recollection.  I make sure that I can flip it, so I use washi.

I hope you enjoy the process of finding what is hiding in your mind and bringing it your journals.  Happy creating! 
-Randi North

Instagram: @rnorth_artist84


  1. Very nice! Love the colors and will try your technique. I’m from Texas also:). Ponder, Texas

  2. Have a collection from Wanderlust class 2017 of laser printed photos just to try the transfer techniques. Had to go out yesterday in the rain, here in central Texas we have not had any since I bought a new car in June. I had a hard time finding window wipers!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm not surprised. The weather keeps switching on us! I can't keep up anymore.


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