Welcome to Life Documented 2018 (January) with Claire Ann Leggett DIVIDER and first few days of the New Year!

Prompt:  Let the year go - use bits of your stash wild on your first page in your NEW  2018 journal!
Technique:  Use your skills to build your page - sew, stick, stamp, stencil.....
Quote:  It's time to shine!

Hi all so it's the end of 2017 nearly and the beginning of a brand new year!  I always feel in two minds at this time of year.  It evokes reflection on the year I have had - the highs and the lows - and helps me to put it all into perspective.  As this weekend falls on the last few days of 2017 and the first few days of the New Year I will be creating a divider and a small spread to celebrate the new year celebrations and document the first few days of 2018!

I have decided to create a smaller handmade journal with various signatures - I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting how I will document this year and have decided to stitch around the outside my pages, I have also added extra tip-ins to allow for extra documenting if needed.  

I have also decided to try and be more thrifty this year and try to avoid buying unnecessary supplies and resources when I have soooo much stuff at home already.  So I am on a mission to be more frugal and adventurous with what I already have - it's going to be tough!

Below is the start of my 2018 journal - I will be looking through my stash and creating a cover later in the month - I don't want to rush this!

I have used the first side of my signature to work as my January divider.  I have had a creative block this holiday so I tried to take away the 'thinking' and just grab a few bits that are handy to create my divider.  I love to use my gelliplate  and lots of different stencils.  I recently joined StencilGirl and love to receive new stencils that I reckon I wouldn't usually chose.

My usual strategy is to not really have one - I picked a selection of my new yummy chalk acrylics (which I received for Christmas from my wonderful mum!)  I tend to splodge a small amount of paint onto my plate, use a dry-ish babywipe and dab the paint onto the stencil.  I always work systematically (which is sometimes a negative, I am going to work on trying to be more free!)

I literally place my signature onto the gelliplate, wait for it to dry a little then I repeated the process with different colours and stencils.

I grabbed some contrasting washi tape (black and white hearts) and stuck it randomly onto my divider as well as a piece of dictionary that read 'journal' I kind of thought it would look quite lovely.

The last part that I added was the tab to indicate the month - I had left over strips of pretty paper I received from my subscription of Daphne's Diary.  I simply cut a short length, folded it in half and sewed it to the side of my signature - voila!

To add final touches to my divider I used my new posca pens to add art marks - I am sure I will continue to add art marks throughout the weeks.  The final step I grabbed my new and most beautiful stamps I bought from Roben Marie's Paperbag Studio Dreamthicket stamps by Kristin Peterson

I decided to gellipate onto deli paper, I have decided to rip this up and stick it sparingly onto my spread.  Using mt sewing machine I sewed around the scraps and stuck them randomly onto my page.  I will no doubt add as the week goes by!

Enjoy everyone - I cannot wait to see yours!


  1. Love it .. thanks for sharing

  2. Love this! I decided to try and make a handmade journal this year. Not quite sure how I am going to do it but looking forward to giving it a try:)

  3. This is wonderful! I love all your bright colors and stitching!

  4. Wow this is wonderful. I'm taking a much simpler approach this year. Is there any place I can download my sample page photos? I'm using leftovers too. There was a sale at Michaels a few years ago on Project Life books and fillers, I thought they were going out of business so of course bought way too much. Its been sitting on my shelf too long so I'm going to use this for my 2018 book.

    1. SO sorry this has taken me a while to respond - If you head over to the Facebook Group -Life Documented 2018 and upload your photos with a little description that would be fabulous! I look forward to seeing your work. I am definitely in tune with your 'keeping things much simpler' approach!


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