Welcome to Life Documented Week 48 with Claire Leggett

Hi all welcome to Week 48!  The last week of November - ekkkkk!  Where has the year gone??

I decided from a conversation I had with the lovely Suz that I would try something a little different for me - something a little bit more abstract.

Prompt: To create an abstract piece
Technique: To apply the colour wheel and freedom!
Quote: 'If it scares you, it might be be a good thing to try' Seth Godin

So my first step was to grab myself a piece of card/ paper and cut it to the size of my journal page.  See already I am afraid to just do something out of my comfort zone! Grrrr

I decided to get a baby wipe and rub it over the page to make it nice and moist.  The next step was to be brave and embrace the 'freedom' aspect which I always find so difficult.  I used a recent ATC happy mail element as inspiration in regards to colours - I just love vibrant colours.

I grabbed my vibrant colours and a baby white and paint brush and just tried to be 'free'.

I grabbed a few of my new stencils that I bought from my membership with StencilGirl.

After my swooshes with my paint brush and baby wipes, I continued to rub and swipe, layer after layer.   At this point I felt happy that the colours were coming together and it was abstracty for me.  I really feel I would like to be freer when creating.

I made a drastic decision to use gesso and large stencils to cover the whole page - ekkk!  I'm not totally in love with the decision but I was brave and tried something new and out there for me!

I noticed that the lovely Suz posted a variety of shapes and I felt inspired to try and incorporate them into my page.  

I found some scrap pieces of envelopes and tore random pieces and sewed them on using my sewing machine - I love to incorporate stitching where I can you don't have to do this you could hand stitch or simply glue it on.

I had drawn this from inspiration from Sherry Canino,
I am quite impressed with my effort!

I started to stitch away and fix elements of paper to the page.  I then stitched around the outside of the entire page and to affix to my journal signature I zigzagged in various places to fix it together.

My final element I decided to sew in a picture of that makes me smile!



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