Welcome to Life Documented Week 47 with Julie Leggett

Hi I am pleased to be hosting this week!

Prompt: A doodle week in colour incorporating a tip in and tag.

Technique: Use any pens of your choice

Quote: 'Just trying to find some colour in a black and white world' Anonymous 


I thought this week we could have a doodle week showcasing lots of coloured pens from your art space. A template of boxes set out on your paper provide lots of doodling space. (The pens I have used are listed below.)  I have also incorporated a tip in with the letters of my name doodled in the boxes and a tag which holds this week's quote.

Card stock
Pens of your choice - I used sharpie,  posca, Eddington fine liners and coloured pens and letraset neon markers.
Black conte crayon
Pritstick stick
Selection coloured ribbons or wool.

Let's get started!

1. On white paper draw your template of boxes - I didn't use a ruler, freehand is much freer and loose. Draw a freestyle plant or flower in the middle of your boxes. The white spaces left can be used for events and journalling for the week.

4. Use card stock to make a tip in, draw boxes freestyle to accommodate the letters of your name.  Doodle and colour these in...have fun..use the other side of tip in for extra journalling or as you wish.

5. Using card stock cut and make a large tag.  Colour this in with black and white doodles.  I doodled an owl - whatever you fancy is good.   Fill in the white spaces with black conte crayon or coloured crayon. Use a typewriter if you have one to type up quote - then glue it on as you want with glue.  Your quote alternatively could be handwritten or you could use found words.  Attach the ribbons or wool to the top of the tag.

I Hope you enjoy this week - have fun , don't miss your paint too much 😊.  I look forward to seeing what you all do .


  1. This journal page looks great.

    Will you be making lifedocumented18.blogspot.com for 2018? (I heard you were going to continue doing the Life Documented in 2018 and wanted to add a link for it to my blog. Thanks.)


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