Welcome to Life Documented Week 44 with Claire Ann

Hi all,

This week I have been inspired by some of the Happy Mail I have created for a friend here on social media.  I have also been admiring many bullet journal layouts and have decided I would like to incorporate a little into this week's prompt.

Prompt: To incorporate a pretty pocket and elements of a bullet journal in your layout.

Technique:  Use deli paper and the art of brush calligraphy (you can use India ink if you have any or simply use watercolours and a brush)
Quote: Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.   Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I have taken inspiration from a number of places on Instagram: @artgirlcreations78, 

@dreams.into.plans, @misfit.plans, @alisaburke and @kinueko as well as a little inspiration from my recently attended brush calligraphy workshop!

I decided to keep the background rather plain, and as I had managed to get blotches of paint on my page I decided to try and cover it with white acrylic to get it back to a blank canvas!

My blank canvas!
I wanted to stay focused on keeping the page to the point - a small section to allow for documenting the last week of October, with a list of things I am yet to do and a self discovery prompt - I do think every now and then we must try and focus on one thing to answer truly to help us grow.  ( I will incorporate a little list of ideas/questions you feel compelled towards)

I decided to make a small ATC to incorporate into my page as a tip-in.
I had some old postcards that I thought would look lovely cut down and rounded on the edges (I used myFiskars corner-rounder-twist-and-flip-2-in-1-punch - it punches two different sized corners)  I cut the corners first as I find when I stick more onto a piece of card the little machine can't quite handle it!

Below is a piece of gelliplated yumminess I made on a paper bag I acquired.  I grabbed my circle stencils - of which I have many, all shapes and sizes!  I made two stencils out of card and a craft knife to make my pretty hearts.

Next I stuck the paper onto the postcard with Pritt Stick glue and used my brayer to flatten it on securely.  I trimmed around the edges of the postcard to make it fit neatly then took to my sewing machine to edge it with a single running stitch.

ATC tip-in complete - I think!  I may add to it later..
Next I decided to pencil my lettering at the top - this I used a fine brush and India ink - you can use watercolours here or brush pens if you have them instead - I am just trying to practice my brush calligraphy again!

I decided to write week forty four the the top of my page, having found and downloaded a brush calligraphy font from an internet search.  I chose two but found the second one much easier to do.  
Sophia calligraphy font and Hensa calligraphy font.  You may find something that suits you better or you may be a pro at creating your own!

I wanted to show you my paint brush, it has a fine strong nib.

I will use a variety of colours from my Stabilo pen set to add a dash of colour.  As this week is the end of October it is a rather short week- Saturday through to Tuesday.  I decided to have a small gap to document any key plans or feelings from each day and a little 'To do' list.  I will flap my ATC card over this list whilst using the back of it to document my self discovery prompt too.  Below is a picture of the page so far and below with the ATC card placed onto the 'to do' list, where I plan to attach.

I will come back to this page and add some pretty zentangled flowers I think, around the Week forty four - we shall see!

Next I decided to incorporate the theme - Life through pictures - by drawing a huge camera and putting a precious picture of a memory to treasure whilst off on school holidays - time with my sister and her beautiful - growing up too fast - girls.  I found some recent pictures of things I had done or looked at during the week, that I would like to be reminded of.  I used my Canon Selphy to print them off once I had edited them in the PicCollage App on my phone.  I then sewed them into my page with a pretty zigzag stitch.

I drew a picture, inspiration taken from a google search online, and drew this camera that filled most of the page.

I used black Stabilo worker + pen to outline in black before using my India ink to colour in the background of the camera in black also.
As always, I like to add washi tape to create borders and as I had run out of scraps from my ATC card it served well to use the washi here!  It really brought some vibrancy to the page.

I had tried to colour it in with my Stabilo but found it much easier to use the India ink - it dried with a super sheen!
Underneath the strip of pictures at the top, I will no doubt write a few words about the photographs mean to me.  I bought some beautifully cut out woolfelt hearts a few years ago and thought how they were quite fitting with the colour scheme - voila!

Back to the first page - I talked about self discovery - below is a list you may want to consider this week:

1.  How do you feel at the moment?

2.  What do I need more of in my life?
3.  What would make me happy right now?
4.  What is going right in my life?
5.  What am I grateful for?  List at least 10 things.
6.  When did I experience joy in my life this week?
7.  What's bothering me?  Why?
8.  What do I love about myself?
9.  If I had all the time in the world, what would I want to do first?
10. What advice would I give to my younger self?  (Do I follow this advice now?)
11. What makes me come alive? When was the last time I felt truly alive?
12. What is something I would like to learn?
13. Where would I like to travel in the next 5 years?
14. Where would I want to live in my ideal life?

I finally decided to make a photo pouch out of a piece of acetate and some left over gelliplated paper - sewing around the edges to keep it all in tact!  I will simply print more photos off from the week and wedge them into it and washi tape it to the page somewhere!

I chose number 13 btw!

PS I will go back and add zentangle or some form of brush stroke flowers to decorate around my 'Week forty four' , I'll check back with you once I have had the brainwave of what to do!

Enjoy, I look forward to seeing your take on it x


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