Welcome to Life Documented Week 41 - With Suz OCTOBER



Theme: A look at life through pictures (drawn or photos)

Prompt: Use a tag some way on your page

Technique: Finger paint

Quote: You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again.  You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life. ~Wayne Miller

I know some of you did the tag prompt for Roben-Marie's class and it has me using more tags lately.

The leaves are falling like crazy here but I am just not ready to do away with my summer colors yet.

This is what I did for this week's theme and prompt:

I always start with collage because it reinforces my pages and give me a place to start.  It also covers up the basic junk paper I use for my pages.

I used gesso to go over everything lightly then used my fingers to swipe blue on the left bottom and right top.  I used pink and just made swipes and crosses.  I left some of the high and low spots on to give it some texture.  I did not smooth out the paint as I went.

Then I added a green gold or olive color and yellow.  I waited on the pink and blue to dry, before adding the yellow and green so I would have more vibrant colors.  You could use your dryer but this is a good technique if you are busy and have to leave your work.

Because I would be writing on most of this weeks pages I went over everything with some thicker, heavy body white.  If you don't have heavy body you can add some gel medium to your white to make it thicker.  I made the leaf shapes on the right with my finger too and made finger painted white lines to separate three days on the left with the same heavy body white then used an old plastic card to smooth out some white in between where I knew I would write.

Next I used a cardboard ring I cut from a left over roll of wrapping paper down and dipped it in black paint to make the circles.  I splattered the same black on with a long brush after watering it down quite a bit.

Next I outlined my leaves with a fine point black pen.


I took a size ten tag and folded it in half, and painted it in white gesso.  It was kraft and what I had.  You could make a tag out of any paper you have.

I finger painted the tag with the same colors I used on the page going darker with the blue around the edges to make it stand out.  I then lined the tag up with the edge of the paper and punch a hole with my hole punch through the tag and the page underneath it.  So the hole went all the way through everything.

I used the black with a smaller lid to make the black circles and the white with a paper towel cardboard circle.

I put some yarn through the tag and page to make it secure.  It was stiff enough that I didn't close the bottom of the tag.  You could write or journal inside but I am using it as a pocket for some pictures.

Here are the supplies I used.

Hope you have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ready for blast off after reading this. It was a true kick start to my day.


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