Welcome to Life Documented Week 40 with Claire Ann Leggett

Theme: A look at life through pictures (taken or drawn)

Quote: How beautifully leaves grow old.  How full of light and colour are their last few days.  John Burrows
Prompt:  To use something from nature to create a spread that represents the changing of the coming season. Add pictures - taken or drawn ( mine will be within my secret folder)

Hi all!

I am excited to be doing this week's prompt, it feels like an eternity since I last completed and shared a prompt with you all.  It's Autumn here and wow how I love to see the colour of the leaves change already.  My drive to work in the morning is serene and really makes me truly appreciate my home and it's seasons - so beautiful!

I am totally aware it is a new month and will post a picture of my October divider shortly (hopefully tomorrow)

I had so many ideas flowing through my mind, I have seen inspiration from so many places this week and have tried to amalgamate them into something autumnal as well as arty!

I tried to keep the process simple as back to school at the beginning of a new term takes its toll - new routines, new faces, new characters, new pace of life!

Step 1:

I decided to paint the page background white with acrylic paint and whilst it dried, I headed outside and grabbed some pretty leaves that have fallen.  I wanted to create the start of Autumn/Fall in my journal this week!

Step 2:

What I love the most about having a plan when creating my pages, is the ability to now look at my stash of bits and bobs and dare to do something spontaneous.  I decided to grab my stash of bubble wrap to add a little bit of texture to my background.  I have small ones and large ones.  I used my brayer onto the bubble wrap first then used my bare hands to rub the paint onto the page.

Step 3:

After my search for leaves I managed to find a small selection to use on my page.

Step 4:

This is where the fun really began - I have a super stash of Stazon ink pads that I bought whilst in Dubai many years ago - I pretty much grabbed a colour of my taking and pressed one of the leaves to it.  Then I simply pressed it onto my page to create a pretty background.

I realised my fingers were going to end up multi-coloured so grabbed some kitchen roll to help me out.

After a short while I stamped a number of times with various colours and left it to dry.  

I grabbed a Daler Rowney Primary Red 540 paint and rubbed randomly around the edges of the page, once dried I grabbed the bubble wrap and white paint and toned it down a little.

Step 5:

I wanted to create a hidden pocket this week for my thoughts of feelings from the week but also for the month and I thought a pretty pocket decorated with various bits of oddments in my box would make it look super pretty.

First of all I found a lovely piece of chocolate coloured card that I got with my Planners Anonymous August box and cut curves down one side - freehand.   The assortments of coloured papers were then cut into long thin strips (making sure if they were flimsy, I stuck them to card) and cut the ends to look like a snakes tongue!

I then used a Pritt Stick (glue) to stick them onto the back of the brown card which will serve as a private pocket to store my thoughts, feelings and any pictures I want to include in this week's journal.

I then zig-zag stitched each piece of pretty card to the flap - it seriously made me smile all of the colours I had managed to jam into my page.

To finish it off I added rectangular boxes where I plan to write comments or fun things that I have done during that week.  This week has really got me noticing the change that is all around me and it's really got me reflecting on my own life.

I hope you enjoy creating as much as I have this week!  I can't wait to see what you make - please share.  I love to see your interpretations. 


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