Welcome to Life Documented Week 38 with Anna Friesen

Hi, all! It's Anna Friesen here. I am privileged to be a guest here for Week 38! :)  I had great fun creating this layout. It's not my favourite design wise, but I loved the process.

September Theme: What Makes You Happy

Quote: It is not how much you have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.  

                                                                                                               - Charles Spurgeon

Prompt: Use very basic supplies to create an art journal page, focusing on technique, not art supplies.

Technique: Use paper and scissors to create your own circles, or any other shapes that make you happiest.

I love circles. I often hashtag my work with #lovemesomecircles. They make me happy. I found lots of inspiration by searching for circle ideas on Pinterest. I love circles so much, I created my own Pinterest board called Circles. See it at https://www.pinterest.ca/pinkpeonies2/circles/

Supplies I used:

-White and other various colours of matte paint. I used the Paper Artsy Fresco Acrylics.  (Any chalk paint should work great). I also used two neon colours - Purple by FolkArt and Sizzling Pink by Americana.
-regular circle hole punch (like you would find in the office supply section of any store)
-cosmetic sponges - round sponges would be very handy here. 
-white paint pen. My favourite is the Acrylic Paint Marker by Daler Rowney, which I buy at WalMart.

I started by using a taupe coloured paint to cover the two pages in my Moleskine journal. I used a very matte paint for all the steps, except the neon pink you will see later.  You can choose other colors besides taupe for this first step.

While I let the paint dry, I cut out an 8.5x11" sheet of cardstock into 4 equal(ish) - sized pieces.​ No ruler needed. Just eyeball it.

Next, I haphazardly cut out 8 different-sized circles from these pieces of paper. 

With white paint and cosmetic sponges, randomly stencil circles onto the page, being careful not line them up in rows (unless of course, you're going for a grid design). Use various sizes. Place some closer together, others further apart. I didn't overlap any at this point.

Make another stencil by punching random little circles with an office supply hole punch, as shown, creating a little cluster of circles.

Stencil over the existing white circles, with the small circle cluster stencil, using the white paint again. 

I found that my stencil got wet underneath, making the paint migrate to where I didn't want it, so it might be helpful to punch several little circle cluster stencils. By using them alternately, the stencils can dry in between applications.

Looking at the colours of paint together as pictured above helps me to better visualize my colour scheme. Choose about six colours. I chose two pinks - one very light, one darker (well, it was neon), two teals (one quite dark, one light), and a neon purple.

Now the fun part. Start with one of the colours and randomly stencil with your DIY stencils, overlapping the white circles.

Go off the page in places too.

I try to look at the colour distribution, not too even, but a good balance. Let one colour dominate. The colour with the most intensity and largest will most likely stand out the most, so keep that in mind as you choose colour and circle placement.

Now I come in with a white paint pen to add even more circles, painting in dots around the edges of circles that are "on top", not overlapped by another circle. Not sure if I'm explaining this right...

And I'm done! This would be fun to try with different styles of stencils within the white circles, and various coloured backgrounds and colour schemes. Looking forward to what you all come with!
**I got the idea of creating overlapping, transparent circles by two pieces of art I found on Pinterest:

- Bumbleberry by Melinda Hackett See here : http://www.cadetompkins.com/artists/melinda-hackett-2/ 


Happy creating!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥


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