Welcome to Life Documented Week 37 with Suz Og

Hi everyone!  Just got back from vacation and I'm a little overwhelmed with all that is here to do and catch up on but I just keep moving along.  It will get done.

There is a holiday I found in Strange and Bizarre holidays called "Admit You're Happy" so I thought that would be good for this month to do some art that makes us happy.

We can all relate and we all have different things that make us happy so have fun with this one and just do your thing this month.  I decided to make a divider.  I used card stock and then cut out around the edge of the heart so it sticks out for the month.  I really love hearts and don't do them much any more.  This is a stamp from Paperbag Studios.

Quote: Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.  Paramahansa Yogananda (From Brainy Quotes)

Prompt: Use a stamp as your focal point

Technique: Stamp, collage and drippy paint

I started just using some collage fodder.  

Then some paint with some more collage from my  underpaper stash.

Then some more paint in brighter colors.

I used some white to soften it all.  This is the Kids Crayola white paint.  I got it at a Walgreens.  A lot of stores have it and I love using it because it is so transparent and softens a whole piece without covering it all up.  I'm using this piece as "Use School Supplies" too. 🙆

I placed my heart and scribbled in some more paint and wrote in pencil.

I went a little crazy with the gunge and wasn't real keen on the result and all the pencil.

So I softened it all down again and made the colors around the heart stand out a bit more, then did my cut out.

Here is the other side of the page.


I hope you all have fun with the month's theme.  Looking forward to what you do.  Please share!  We all are inspired by each and every one of you that posts. Thanks for stopping by.  


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