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Welcome to Life Documented Week 40 with Claire Ann Leggett

Theme: A look at life through pictures (taken or drawn)

Quote: How beautifully leaves grow old.  How full of light and colour are their last few days.  John Burrows
Prompt:  To use something from nature to create a spread that represents the changing of the coming season. Add pictures - taken or drawn ( mine will be within my secret folder)

Hi all!

I am excited to be doing this week's prompt, it feels like an eternity since I last completed and shared a prompt with you all.  It's Autumn here and wow how I love to see the colour of the leaves change already.  My drive to work in the morning is serene and really makes me truly appreciate my home and it's seasons - so beautiful!

I am totally aware it is a new month and will post a picture of my October divider shortly (hopefully tomorrow)

I had so many ideas flowing through my mind, I have seen inspiration from so many places this week and have tried to amalgamate them into something autumnal as well as arty!

I tried to keep th…

Welcome to Life Documented Week 39 with Julie Leggett

Week 39 with Julie Leggett Theme: Admit your happy do what makes you happy

Quote: The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise.  It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us. Ashleigh Montague
Prompt : Use distress inks to make your journal page background and add pockets to represent what makes you happy.  I have decided to do seven pockets which represent family, art,Christmas,  birds and nature, sewing, tea and friends. .so many things make us happy ; I could have done lots more.... it is up to you on the amount of pockets.
Supplies and equipment used: Tim Holt distress inks: The colours I used are barn door,  worn lipstick, spiced marmalade and peacock feathers. Scrap paper and cards stock  Stamps Scissors Hole punch Washi tapes Glue pritstick Ink sponge Ribbons assorted wool Sewing machine Typewriter  Stencils

I applied the inks using a sponge applicator, making sure that it was clean of other colours.  I used the darker inks around the edge of the pages  and alte…

Welcome to Life Documented Week 38 with Anna Friesen

Hi, all! It's Anna Friesen here. I am privileged to be a guest here for Week 38! :)  I had great fun creating this layout. It's not my favourite design wise, but I loved the process.
September Theme: What Makes You Happy
Quote: It is not how much you have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.  
                                                                                                               - Charles Spurgeon
Prompt: Use very basic supplies to create an art journal page, focusing on technique, not art supplies.
Technique: Use paper and scissors to create your own circles, or any other shapes that make you happiest.
I love circles. I often hashtag my work with #lovemesomecircles. They make me happy. I found lots of inspiration by searching for circle ideas on Pinterest. I love circles so much, I created my own Pinterest board called Circles. See it at

Supplies I used:
-White and other various colours of matte paint. …

Welcome to Life Documented Week 37 with Suz Og

Hi everyone!  Just got back from vacation and I'm a little overwhelmed with all that is here to do and catch up on but I just keep moving along.  It will get done.

There is a holiday I found in Strange and Bizarre holidays called "Admit You're Happy" so I thought that would be good for this month to do some art that makes us happy.

We can all relate and we all have different things that make us happy so have fun with this one and just do your thing this month.  I decided to make a divider.  I used card stock and then cut out around the edge of the heart so it sticks out for the month.  I really love hearts and don't do them much any more.  This is a stamp from Paperbag Studios.

Quote: Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.  Paramahansa Yogananda (From Brainy Quotes)

Prompt: Use a stamp as your focal point

Technique: Stamp, collage and drippy paint

I started just using some collage fo…