Welcome to Life Documented Week 35 with Claire Ann Leggett

                    Art Appreciation Embrace Your Art

Prompt: To incorporate 'Tea bag Art' into your journal in some way.
Technique:  Experiment and use a variety of art supplies to create your art.
Quote:  There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved ~ George Sand.

Hi all.  This week has been rather experimental as well as time lacking.  My mind has been elsewhere due to a family bereavement.  I wanted to create using a recently researched form of art 'Tea bag Art'.  The time needed to truly grasp this idea wasn't there, however, I have incorporated a little - I very much look forward to seeing your wonderments flood the LD page!

First things first, I found a box of gouache in my art supplies that I have never used!  I decided to experiment and give them a whirl with little expectation - I always find it helps me to let go and relax.

Gouache is a type of water-soluble paint that, unlike watercolour, is opaque so the white of the paper surface does not show through.

I lacked focus this week and with time against me I chose a random selection of colours and painted strips of colour along the length of one of my journal pages.  I added water to add effect and white to further change the colours - I think I was looking for a rainbow effect.

Having left half of the page blank I grabbed my Gelli plate and one of the stencils that I was drawn to - a circular patterned stencil - I used one single tone of colour, fluorescent pink, and stamped it simply in the left corner of my page.  I wanted to really not think too much and just go with it!

I had originally planned to create a piece of 'Tea bag Art' but had honestly struggled so I had one last attempt - I decided I wanted to create a floral element.  I used my sewing machine and tried to create dandelions and a rose.  This I have to admit was not my forte but what matters is I had a go and persevered - I will continue to practise this form of art in the future.

I have yet to know how and where I will incorporate it into my page.

My next step was to use a piece of my under paper to write a thoughtful message regarding my thoughts.  I do like to reflect on the lessons and realisations of all situations that occur during the weeks, months.  It felt apt to share my positivity regarding this week and document it in a private manner.

You can see above the strip of underpaper that I have documented my thoughts/wisdom on.  I have sew a scrap piece of material I found onto two teabags and simply added raindrops onto it.  Really simple and it suited my mood.  The strips of colour above are elements I have been inspired by on various social media sights.  I simply cropped the art and allowed the PicCollage App (an app I use on my Iphone to edit my photographs) to create!

My next step was to add a wash of colour onto the other side of my journal spread.  I picked three vibrant colours and used a baby wipe to water down and blend the colours.  I used my tool below to speed up the drying process.

I wanted to add an element of photographs too and found great inspiration on FB regarding bordering photographs in a really simple but effective way.

I used pieces of brown paper I had in my recycling box and simply cut them to border my chosen photographs.  I used a variation of my straight stitch and the zigzag stitch to create the desired effect.

My final step was to add circles to my page and a simple statement 'Circle of life'. This week you are free to chose your own statement or quote that suits your week/your mood or something you have gained wisdom from this week.

I hope you liked my experimental page!  I very much look forward to seeing all of the variations of what everyone chooses to focus on this week.


  1. Sorry you've had a tough week - great prompt and love the way you incorporated stitch ♥

  2. Great page! Sorry for your loss.


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