Welcome to Life Documented - Week 31 with Claire Leggett

Hi all,  Claire here this week.  I have finished work/school now for for summer - yippee - so I have been enjoying family time.  With the whirlwind birth of my new baby niece, I have spent a lot more time with my sister and mum.  There is a reason to me telling you all of this - we have spent a lot of time wandering around the shops in the pretty village of Tutbury.  We looked around a little dynamic shop called Suki Art.  It is full of quirky art pieces and crafty makes. We came across a fabulous piece of art and that was it, my inspiration for this week!  The piece of art was created by a local artist D. Vaughan.
Technique: Paper/fabric collage

Prompt: Use a variety of coloured papers and fabrics to recreate a collage of a pretty scene or object

Quote:  A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but on its wings.  Always believe in yourself. ~ Unknown

Step 1:

So first things first, I collected a variety of scraps of paper and material.  I then made them into various sized strips and chunks.  I was mindful that I wanted to create a bird with a sun in the background, so made colours I felt would suit.

Step 2:

The first thing I decided to do was use vintage paper that I had in my stash to edge my page. I then lightly sketched my bird design and started sticking!  I started from the bottom and wanted a watery effect so used a lot of blues, greens and whites.

Step 3:

Next I started to work on the sun in the background around my flying bird! I used a variety of reds, oranges and yellows - I had so much fun.  I decided to  keep the colours of the bird a selection of blues and white.  I then outlined my bird with a Stabilo worker+ medium nib pen - it doesn't really matter which pen you use to outline - I ended up drawing thicker lines to give it more emphasis.

Step 4:
Once I had finished my bird and the sky background I used the same pen to draw branches on to extenuate the bird flying near to trees.  I used stickers that I had bought previously from Rae Missigman - whom I love - to create blossom pieces sporadically on my branches.  I will add in more using a variety of stamps and acrylic splodges when I feel the urge!  Below is my completed page - I love it I really do - I hope you do too!

Step 5:
I decided my journal page would comprise more of a bucket list (this was a page I found in my newly acquired subscription of Daphne's Diary) for the summer rather than focusing on my week.  I will incorporate my documented life this week as a tip-in which I have detailed below.

Step 6:
Tip-in - I decided to black and white print the original picture and cut out the bird to use to document my week.

I then stuck it onto white card (any card would do - old cereal box etc) just to reinforce it a little.

Using a hole puncher, I punched a hole in the top of the bird and at the top of my journal page.

Next I used some old ribbon I had floating around and simply threaded it through the bird - tying to keep it sturdy - then through the hole in my journal - mine twisted a lot for some reason but I kinda quite like the effect!  It really didn't require much effort.  I like the idea of it floating in my journal.

Step 7:
I have also decided, if I receive my A4 vellum sheets that I have ordered off the web, I will print my quote onto it in a funky font - I am rather fond of a font I recently downloaded for free called HaloHandletter Script.

Voila - I used some of my gold printed washi tape to attach to the top of my journal page (on the side of my page I had a funky black border and didn't want to lose it)  If the mood takes me, I may add some transfers or pretty doodles onto the vellum paper.

Items I used:

A4 Vellum Paper 
Washi tape
'Bucket list' page from Daphne's Diary subscription
scraps of paper and material
Sharpie permanent marker Brush pen - black
Stabilo worker + pen - black
brayer to flatten the strips of paper
hole puncher



  1. Beautiful! Sounds like a fun project - which I will try to do next week. You are so talented!

  2. Claire here - thank you so much - it's all a bit flying by the seat of my pants stuff - always just giving something a go - I look forward to seeing yours soon x

  3. Beautiful! Looking forward to trying it:)


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