Welcome to Life Documented-Week 29 with Beth Forenz

This is the page we will be doing.

Technique: Use up your excess acrylic paint with the best tool you own... your fingers!

Quote: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Neale Donald

I was excited to be asked as the guest artist this week. The "road less traveled/traveling through life" theme excites me because my love of art journaling began while traveling!  Several years ago, because of extremely stressful circumstances in my life, I did nothing artistic or creative for about three years. Thankfully a very wise friend knew me well enough to see that I needed art as a release and therapy. So, just before boarding a plane to Africa, she gave me a small water color set and said "You're going to be traveling for 30 plus hours, paint! " I had always journaled and always liked to paint, but had never combined the two. I came home from that trip with a journal full of art and a passion to learn more.

For my background I used  Tim Holtz distress ink to completely cover both pages with color. Water color or even acrylic would work as well, if you don't have distress ink. Try to keep your background light so it isn't overpowering.

After covering my pages with ink, I used a stencil and a baby wipe to remove some of the ink. I decided that I really didn't like the purplish color I had used, so I added some stenciling to mute it.

The technique (or what I've adopted as a habit) I'd like to share, is to use up the left over acrylic paint on your pallet by filling a paper with random finger painting. This really only takes a few moments but will provide you with awesome patterned paper to use in future projects. In this case, I dripped ink on my paper then later added stenciling to give it more texture and layers. You can also doodle over these pages or use your gelli plate on them.  I use card stock for this because it's relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  I like to copy these papers on my printer for use in multiple projects. Fortunately my printer has waterproof ink so I can use these pages in just about any way I'd like. I'm including a photo of another recent page like this, that I doodled over, to give you another example.

From today's paper, I've decided to cut out the shape of Africa. You may choose a place you've been or dream of going to. I've used walnut distress ink to go around the edge to give it a vintage look.

On the facing page I've used a small piece of map scrap book paper to make a pocket which I attached with washi tape. I've finished off that page with a strip of dark blue tape and a scallop stencil along the edge. I also added a stencil on the top of my pocket. The pocket gives me a place to add momentos, tags and private notes.

On the reverse side of my pocket page I've decided to finger paint again. I've painted the entire page with a light blue and white. This time I'm adding circles to document my week. I've also added a little bit of stenciling, some walnut distress ink around the edges of the page and in the lighter parts to give it that vintage look, then a spritz of water and blotting with a paper towel. I love that affect and how the under colors pop.

I've decided to outline my Africa shape and my circles with a charcoal pencil to make them pop. I've smudged this with a tortillion stump and my finger, then given it a light coating of fixative spray to keep it from further smudging. To finish, I've added my quote, some journaling and some doodles.

Another example

I hope you've enjoyed this week's prompt! I know I have!


  1. This is a great prompt! I appreciate the extra example.

  2. Oh my oh my I am just catching up and I am in awe of this - I am terrified to start!


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