Welcome to Life Documented - Week 28 with Chris Gromann

Hello fantastic artists! It's Chris Gromann here!! I'm truly honored to be the guest for this week!

Theme: The road less traveled-traveling through life

Quote: "Wherever you go, go with all your love" Confucius

Prompt: light and dark - creating dimension

Technique: using color in different ways, getting loose - acrylic paint

Materials I used:

I started covering all the page with orange, it will show up at the end of the painting giving a bit of drama. After dried, I sketched what I had in mind.

Now it's time to play with colors!!

As orange, the background, was my middle tone, I started to define my scene using light and dark colors (ultramar blue, magenta, yellow and white) at this stage the paints has more water, so you can see through them. (I love this effect) 

Also, I tried to get loose, so I did quick strokes, without thinking so much.

As you can see, I didn't like the tree and also change a bit the tones, added a bit more white in the color, but not much to make them opaque.
You can see the crazy strokes! 

Time to start defining my landscape!
Always working with dark and light. Dark in the first plan and light behind and to give dimension to the tree. 
I added yellow to the blue, and white to the light tones of the tree and blue and magenta to the dark.

I did the same thing to the field. Added mixes of yellow blue and white as I did in the tree, small loose brushstrokes to give the sensation of a flowered green field, allow to the previous layers to show up too. You can see that?

Well I think it's done! I added some more brushstrokes using colors without thinking so much, just looking for something that would please my eyes. 

I really don't plan where the layers will show up... it will be random since you use loose brushstrokes... the point is you don't have to worry about covering the layers, you just go adding colors, with the layers you will get new tones and colors.

Don't forget to let the layers dry a bit or go to work in other part of your page for while then return. It will avoid to create a "mud" color, but not completely dry to be able to create new colors.

Remember first to have fun! It's your travel!!! It's your art!!! It's you!!! 
Hope you liked it! ❤
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Happy art journaling!


  1. I adore this, Chris! Thank you for the great tips on creating value!! Your pieces are always dramatic, and I love that!! 😘❤️

  2. Oh, I just love this! The colors are fantastic! I am gonna get right on this. Thanks Chris!


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