Welcome to Life Documented-Week 27 with Suz

Hi everyone!  New month, new Theme!  Hope you are enjoying all our guest bloggers.  I know I am and I want to thank them all for participating!

This is what I will be making.

Theme: The Road Less Traveled/Traveling through life

Prompt: Use a magazine image that you really love, something that speaks to you personally.

Technique: Add a couple scraps of paper and stamp whole page 

Quote: The mind is everything.  What you think you become.  Buddha

For this tutorial I wanted to do something about traveling through life more than actual travel.  If you have a good attitude staying home can be as relaxing as actually going some place.  I wanted my pages to reflect calm and to be more minimal.

These are pages I had wiped off a stencil and a brush on previously.

I used an orange brown watercolor I had and brushed it all over the page, smoothing it out with my finger and a baby wipe.  This connected the two pages.You can also use watered down acrylics, or distress inks watered down. Just put it down in a bowl or on a piece of tile and add water to it.

I added two pieces of scrap deli paper top and right top to point to the corner I planned on putting my magazine image in.  I wanted it kind of grungy and there was a little black on the deli paper. I also wiped a little black on the other side. You can also use scrap paper or notebook paper, It works with any kind of paper.  I like the deli paper because it blends with the page so well.  

I used a big stamp, Any stamp you like will do.  You could even use a big stencil and just not go all the way to the edges so you don't have a definite edge on your paper.  I used a pale blue ink.  Any soft color will do for this. To me this technique makes it look like an old wall.  

Last thing I did was write my days in brown pencil.  You could use black or any color you want.  I added my magazine image top right.  I liked this image because it seemed so Zen.  Something I need in my life every day.  

I wiped a little pink and blue on my pages here and there on both pages with my fingers.

In the end I used my stamp again in an ochre and white paint and the blue again on the stamp to blend in the dark black spots. (photo at top of page)

When I do my pages I want them to be fun.  I don't want to stress over them and sometimes I would like to do something more simple if life is hectic.  I would like for you all to do whatever you like to do.  If you don't like the tutorials just do what feels good for you.  You can even use a different quote.  I ended up going over the two black spots with a little paint because I felt they were glaring. I am not crazy about my own handwriting very often but following the thoughts of the quote I wanted to personalize it more.   

Medium Used

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. great them and tutorial for July. Thanks Suz. I have missed the last two weeks. One of those Life gets in the way fortnight.

    Off and running again.

    1. Thanks Monica! I'm having those life moments a lot too lately. lol


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