Welcome to Life Documented Week 24 with Claire Ann

Hi all and welcome to week 24! The weeks and months are just flying by right?

This week I had an urge to use a piece of under paper especially after sharing some of mine with Cathi Smith O' Neil.

So here goes!
Monthly Theme:  Art Marks and Doodles
Prompt:  To incorporate under paper into your page.
Challenge:  To add art marks and doodles into your page somehow.
Quote: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all ~ Helen Keller

First of all I grabbed a piece of my under paper which I felt drawn to!  I ripped the page into three random shapes and used one to stick straight across my journal page, like below:

Rip under paper randomly

Washi tape received from a recent ATC swap

After sticking my under paper in I started randomly ripping and
sticking pieces of washi tape.
I love my sewing machines and anything that resembles sewing! I grabbed a few pieces of recycled materials and sewed them altogether.  Next I hand-sewed a number of colourful buttons I have in my growing button stash.

I made two - I used a zig-zag stitch to add a little va-va-voom!

Back to my journal page:  Next I decided to add a little blue to my page as I was struggling to look at the 'whiteness' of the page.  As soon as I had done it I regretted it!  Typical, but as they say you have to just roll with what is in front of you!

I used baby wipes to swipe blue acrylic paint on in two shades.
Next I found an old stamp and printed it in various spots around the page.

I then proceeded to stick lots of pretty bits and bobs
onto my page and wrote a few key things I had done
this week, I intend to use the other half of page
to write more detailed notes on my week as
well as adding a number of pictures.
After adding all of my stickers and embellishments I used variety of pens and stamps to add art marks and doodles.

ATC's received from a swap - theme Black and White - made by Ying-ya Shey

This week has been one of those week's where I haven't had a lot of time so it didn't take too much of my time as I didn't have it this week!

I look forward to seeing how brave you all are with the stitching - remember you do not need to use a sewing machine - hand-sewing is suffice.


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