Welcome to Life Documented Week 22 with Rebecca

Rebecca Janousek here as your host for the week! So let's get into Week 22!

Monthly Theme - Bold & Bright
Quote - "Boldly be a Pop of Color in a Black & White World"
Prompt - Layer stencils and use baby wipes to erase and soften
Technique - Make a shaped flap/page in your journal

So I was trying to utilize some of my more unloved supplies this week, once of which is my stencils and even my new scribble sticks! So this week I found a way to use them together! (Don't worry if you don't have the scribble sticks! You can use oil pastels, pastels or even crayons!)

 I started out by quickly gessoing my pages then I scraped some pink and yellow paint over the pages 

I grabbed a stencil and some baby wipes and rubbed away some of the paint! 

Then I did the same thing with some lavender paint and a stencil. 


After the purple I added white paint and used the wipe and stencil again. I just love the effects that this technique leaves you with! 


I used my scribble sticks to make rectangles on the page for the days of the week.

I traced out a heart on some scrap paper and some hot pink card stock then I stapled it to the side of my page to make a fun flap, lastly I added some extra hearts around the page and I went around them with my scribble sticks! 

Well friends thanks for another fun week! I can't wait to see what you all create! 



  1. Love this rebecca your work is always so colourful and bold x


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